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Best ever. Review by Gerritje

Fantastic gadget for elderly and infirm. Would not leave the house without them now.

(Posted on 11/02/2015)

Review of the Snow Review by Lynn

I had bought a pair of these last year - just in case it snowed again this winter - and of course it did . Normally I hate walking on compacted snow but with these on I felt very secure so had no hesitation in ordering two more pairs for my family to use. I liked these particularly because they have grippers/studs on the heel and toe areas whereas a lot of other ones were only on the toes. Would definitely recommend!

(Posted on 05/02/2013)

Updated Review on Snow and Ice Grips/Grabbers - Strongly recommend everyone buys a pair! Review by Amanda Redmond

As an updated review following my previous review on Betterware for the snow and ice grips, I've decided to finally let you know, in reality, how good these grips actually are ... and they are very, very, VERY GOOD! As mentioned before, I bought them in light of problems having arose around winter with myself being self-employed as a distributor and business promotion marketing assistant over the last few years due to difficulty caused by snow and ice where walking on pavements, driveways, etc, has been concerned and that as a result of this I had to delay my business clients' work until later dates, which is annoying for me and potentially damaging for my business.

Well, the good news is that I finally got the opportunity to try them out good and proper today with the amount of heavy snow we've experienced where I live in Wigan, managed to complete my business client's distribution work by the end of the day (as well as getting paid for it too - an added bonus obviously going into the weekend here!) and didn't slip up once on the heavy snow that fell in Standish, right at the top of Wigan (about 2 - 3 inches fell today). The snow and ice grips are well manufactured, the grips which are more like studs you would find on football boots offer that safety to the walker (amazing felt confident walking on them the moment I left the house this morning) are extremely durable indeed, and the snow and ice grips are easy to slip onto your shoes.

The only downside, although it isn't a major downside as you can do something about it, is that because of the material the snow and ice grips are made from (rubber), it can be easy for them to slip down your shoes (especially around the back), especially when walking in snow - all you need to do is just check them now and again to ensure that the rubber tongue at the back of the grips are pulled up regularly whilst you're out and about to avoid the grips potentially becoming loose, which is only a very minor issue and doesn't mean the grips need sending back to Betterware at all - as long as they do what they should do (like the saying 'it does what it says on the tin'), which is to make it safer for you to walk around snow and ice, then overall they are a brilliant product and I would strongly recommend everyone buys a pair of these wonderful snow and ice grips. No wonder they're one of Betterware's biggest selling products!

(Posted on 18/01/2013)

Review of the Snow Review by Gladys

Good at preventing falls

(Posted on 10/01/2013)

A relief that some work in the winter months now does not have to be cancelled ... Review by Amanda Redmond

After experiencing severe conditions from snow and frost that we had in Wigan recently, our winter weather has now become more and more unpredictable to the point that, as an outdoors worker, I had to call off clients' work now and again in the last 2 - 3 winters due to conditions under foot, but now I don't have to. I think the problems we've all experienced recently coexed me into finally getting a pair of my own Snow and Ice Grips for Shoes and I think my clients and myself are both relieved I've finally taken this action. Plus it was the first time I'd ever bought anything from Betterware, so I'm proud to say I'm a newbie and I was extremely happy with the service I received, having received my Grips in the post just 4 days after ordering, as well as the quality of the Grips too. I'm still waiting to properly give the Grips a proper test at work if we have bad conditions under foot in the future, but I've got confidence that not only will these Grips work, but also at least I don't have to fear slipping, sliding or falling whenever there is snow and ice about at work in the future.

(Posted on 16/02/2012)

Brill Item! Review by Ros

I brought these last year when we had all the snow and ice and all I can say I couldn't have got around without them, I was walking around as normal as everyone around me was slipping all over!!

(Posted on 11/01/2012)

Snow and ice grips Review by Mrs P Simpson

Waiting for the snow and ice for my husband to try out as he does a lot of walking.Will give more feedback then.

(Posted on 31/10/2011)

snow shoe grips Review by mrs coxe

very pleased with purchase,better than i expected.

(Posted on 29/10/2011)

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Snow & Ice Grips for Shoes - Size 6 - 11

Snow & Ice Grips for Shoes - Size 6 - 11

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The weather in the UK can often bring harsh ice and treacherous snow both of which can be very dangerous especially when you are walking.

Our removable Non-Slip Snow/Ice Grabbers will give you the freedom to move with confidence safely and without the risk of slipping. These versatile snow and ice grippers feature solid metal studs in the soles that hold and grip the snow and ice, attached to a tough flexible silicone sole.

Simply slip the ice grabbers over your normal shoes or trainers for instant grip and excellent traction.

Compact enough to slip into your coat pocket or bag and perfect for keeping on hand at home or in the car for when hazardous weather strikes.

Fits shoe size 6 - 11.

Also available to buy to fit sizes 1-5.