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Quick and easy Review by Peter

My freezer had become heavily frosted with ice quite thick in a few places, using this item it took approx 75 minutes to totally defrost the freezer, highly recommended.

(Posted on 19/11/2016)

Very good Review by Albert

I've used this product for many years and wouldn't want to be without it. I have a self defrost freezer where ice just collects in the bottom. After spraying over the ice, I find that I can remove all the ice in a single piece after less than an hour.

(Posted on 25/10/2016)

Perfect Review by Anne

Works a treat Will probably buy again

(Posted on 23/10/2016)

Easy Defrost Review by Mr Sheridan

I wanted a product to help me to defrost my freezer, I didn't want to use the hot water method because I try to save water because I have a Water Meter. I decided to try these sprays and I can say they do the trick, as long as you use these exactly as directed it is an easy job.

(Posted on 09/10/2016)

Excellent stuff Review by Kelly

Very fast working, would highly recommend. Very happy, thank you!!

(Posted on 05/09/2014)

Review of the Fridge And Freezer Defroster Review by Alison

makes the job much quicker and easier

(Posted on 04/07/2013)

Review of the Fridge And Freezer Defroster Review by Phillip


(Posted on 06/04/2013)

save your money, use bowls of boiling water to defrost ice Review by Laura

Can't give zero stars. This did not work not even a bit, I waited and waited, eventually I reverted to bowls of boiling water, shut the door to freezer, leave 10 - 15 mins, replace when no longer hot, towel on floor for any spills. Save your money. Great idea but it simply does not work. Was surprised as Betterware products are usually good.

(Posted on 03/04/2013)

fridge Review by Maurice Moloney

Sadly a useless product -don't waste your money it simply dosen't work!

(Posted on 25/02/2013)

Not as good as it sounds Review by Mrs K Boswell

I gave this a try because Betterware products are usually excellent but was extremely disappointed. The thin stream of liquid that came from the nozzle wasn't a good start, and once on the ice it just sat there. Instructions are vague, not sure whether to shake can or not before use (I did anyway), and 'allow ice ot melt' - well, after 10 minutes there was no sign of acceleration so I reverted to the tried and tested method of hair drier and a blunt round ended knife to prise out the bigger more stubborn bits of ice. Wish I'd never bothered.

(Posted on 17/02/2013)

Review of the Fridge And Freezer Defroster Review by Gwen

Unfortunately this spray takes quite a while to work but the freezer I was defrosting had not been done for quite some time. If you used it regularly maybe it would be more effective, but it took almost 3 hours and several sprays in between removing the loosened ice. It was however much faster than without using it so perhaps if you were defrosting a normal freezer and not a mans' one that had been left for months it might stand a chance of working quickly as advertised.

(Posted on 11/02/2013)

I fell for the description in Betterware sales catalouge Review by Mrs Jean Kemp

This product is an absolute waste of time!!!

I was sceptical of the of the description of this product, and unfortunately I was proved right.

It took just as long to defrost the freezer as is does without using any such aid to defrost.

(Posted on 06/02/2013)

useless Review by susan

Did not work, bought this thinking it would be good. And it was useless.

(Posted on 16/12/2012)

Review of the Fridge And Freezer Defroster Review by Maureen

works fine

(Posted on 04/09/2012)

Review of the Fridge And Freezer Defroster Review by Margaret

This product is excellent, it does exactly what is says on the tin. Have already recommended it to friends. Very good customer service and very quick delivery. A product to be proud of.

(Posted on 15/05/2012)

fridge and freeze defroster Review by E Carmichael

Really speeds up the cleaning and defrosting of your freezer if you, like me, let the ice build up too much.

(Posted on 27/10/2011)

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Fridge And Freezer Defroster

Fridge And Freezer Defroster

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Our Fridge and Freezer Defroster spray saves you time and energy when it comes to that dreaded task of defrosting the freezer.

Having to defrost freezers is a part of life but it’s something that most of us will put off for as long as possible. Why? Because it tends to be highly inconvenient, leaving a mess in your kitchen and potentially leading to spoiled food. But all that will change if you have freezer defroster spray at your disposal. This product will help you to rapidly melt ice, making the task of defrosting easier than ever.

Cutting through ice in seconds, you can focus the multi-directional spray on particularly thick ice and hard to reach areas. The nozzle even works perfectly upside down!

You'll have your freezer defrosted in no time and left perfectly clear of packed ice. It helps to prevent damage to freezer pipes through excessive build-up of frost.

Our fridge and freezer defroster removes deposits of frost but a repeat application may be necessary according to the thickness of the ice.

*Made in the UK.