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Excellent Product Review by James

This really is the best window foam ever! I use frequently on lots of surfaces and it remove dirt and grit leaving area smear-free.

(Posted on 31/10/2017)

Love it! Review by Korena

This product does exactly what it says - gives smear free clean windows. Nothing on the market appears to touch it. I love it and specifically ordered from this website to get the product.

Thank you Betterware!

(Posted on 10/10/2017)

Excellent product Review by Vicki

I've been using this cleaner for many years and wouldn't be without it. It's not only good for glass, it works really well on wall tiles and granite tops

(Posted on 28/07/2017)

Good stuff Review by Hazel

This has to be the best window foam I have had it's so easy to use.Much better than other ones I've tried

(Posted on 25/07/2017)

Fantastic product Review by Pam

This is the only one I have found that really is smear free what a joy to use

(Posted on 23/07/2017)

Best ever window cleaner Review by Vivienne

Always use this cleaner and so do my friends.

(Posted on 15/07/2017)

Makes cleaning the windows easy Review by Housewife69

It's a no-brainer. Buy this stuff and cleaning the windows and mirrors will no longer seem like a chore. No more smears, just shiny glass!

(Posted on 21/05/2017)

Brilliant product Review by Viv

I have used the smear-free window foam for years and absolutely love it. It truly is 'smear-free' and is so quick and easy to use.
I highly recommend this product.

(Posted on 21/04/2017)

Fantastic Window Cleaner Review by lirec

I have used this product for years and think it is fantastic, so you can imagine my disappointment when I could not find it in a catalogue which was put through my door! I decided to look online and to my joy found it on your website, and what is more could purchase it through Amazon. I sing it's praises very often as it is so good.

(Posted on 13/04/2017)

Amazing Review by moira

My daughter told me about this window foam, she won't use anything else so i gave it a go and to my amazement it really does do what it says on the tin, totally smear clear and streak free, thanks betterware x

(Posted on 23/01/2017)

Excellent product Review by Philip

We have been using this cleaner for several years now and have found no other cleaner to compere with the ease of use and smear free finish provided by this product. Sadly we have no local agent so cannot order regularly but consider it worth making a relatively large order to avoid delivery charges!

(Posted on 15/11/2016)

Absolutely Flawless Results Review by Lintils

This is by far the best window/ tile/ chrome cleaner ever. The finish is effortless and flawless.

(Posted on 07/11/2016)

Brilliant product Review by Dr Kat

I wouldn't use anything else on my windows and mirrors, this spray is just brilliant! Easy to use and gives an absolutely sparkling finish. Highly recommended :)

(Posted on 07/10/2016)

The Best Review by Vivienne

Best window cleaner ever!

(Posted on 29/03/2016)

The best window cleaner Review by Jo-Jo

I have been buying this foam window cleaner for over 5yrs. In my opinion it's the best window cleaner there is. I use it on mirrors as well, works wonders.

(Posted on 12/01/2016)

Best ever !! Review by stephen

Betterware Please never stop selling this window foam , I literally cannot live without it .In no time at all I can do every window/glass door/patio doors /French doors/mirrors anything glass and shiny it is GREAT !!!!!

(Posted on 09/11/2015)

Sparkling Windows Review by L F

Very good product, leaves your windows very clean, would buy this window cleaner again.

(Posted on 20/10/2015)

Replacement Review by Elizabeth

Used for a number of years.

(Posted on 08/10/2015)

Brilliant Product! Review by Jane

This is an amazing product, and not just for windows but for a host of other things.......ceramic, plastic, stainless steel etc!!!

(Posted on 13/07/2015)

its brilliant for windows and most surfaces. Review by pauline

its a product that actually does what it says .

(Posted on 06/07/2015)

Fantastic Review by Nicola

I have been using this product for years there is no better window cleaner.

(Posted on 16/06/2015)

Best yet! Review by Janet

This window/glass cleaner makes window cleaning a pleasure . Can see why it is a best seller.

(Posted on 14/05/2015)

Smear free Window Foam is great! Review by Margaret

I am hopeless at window cleaning, but this product is fantastic. Really does what it says. My windows have never been so clear.

(Posted on 27/03/2015)

Shiney Review by Paul

It really does do what it says on the tin !!

(Posted on 21/03/2015)

The tablet and phone screen cleaner. Review by Ian

In addition to its window cleaning property this product is the best I have ever found for cleaning fingerprints off my Ipad, mobile phone and now touch screen PC. Nothing else comes close.

Squirt on, wipe off with a soft cloth - done!

(Posted on 09/01/2015)

Brilliant Review by Anita

Best window/glass cleaner. Used for years, nothing else compares

(Posted on 23/12/2014)

Excellent product Review by Jackson

I have been using this foam for years now and annot rate it highly enough. It is brilliant on all glass and plastics, Mirors , shower doors even kitchen units. It leaves absoloutely no residue or smear and I LOVE IT.

(Posted on 05/12/2014)

Smear Free Window Foam Review by Hazel

I placed an order for 3 Smear Free window Foam but only 1 was delivered even though I had been charged for 3. I emailed Betterware and phoned them. I was told that the outstanding order of 2 Smear Free Window Foam would be sent out to me. As of 13th November 2014 I am still waiting for the delivery. So I am not very happy with the service.

(Posted on 13/11/2014)

Excellent Product. Review by Colin

Excellent product, makes cleaning windows and mirrors easy.

Good service from Betterware.

I would recommend this product.

(Posted on 25/10/2014)

Great Review by Janet

This window cleaner is the best I have used. Really no smears.

(Posted on 20/10/2014)

window foam Review by Helen

This foam leaves glass squeaky clean, you need to use a microcloth with it though

(Posted on 17/10/2014)

brilliant Review by Elaine

After using this window foam you will never use anything else Just spray and wipe off it does what it says on the can quick and easy and no streaks brilliant!

(Posted on 04/10/2014)

Best window cleaner ever! Review by SueH

Unbeatable window cleaner - found nothing to equal or better it - highly recommend

(Posted on 15/09/2014)

one word AMAZING! Review by Clare

This is my essential must have household product. I have never used anything more effective on windows, glass & chrome. Does what it says on the can, no smears. Quick and amazing results.

(Posted on 29/08/2014)

easy peasy cleaning Review by dianne

wow excellent product, makes cleaning windows a doddle, I would recommend this to everyone ! Excellent service from better ware online , quick delivery and great communication

(Posted on 29/08/2014)

Smearfree Window Foam Review by Vera

I have used Betterware Smear free Window Foam bought from an agent on a number of occasions this time I ordered direct and as always I find it does a great job with little effort....Thankyou Betterware for a product that does exactly what you say.

(Posted on 28/08/2014)

Excellent product Review by CORINNE

Excellent results from this foam for cleaning windows and mirrors .

(Posted on 25/08/2014)

Brilliant product! Review by Mrs M

This glass cleaner is the best that I have found on the market. It's more expensive than other similar products but well worth it! A little goes a long way too!

(Posted on 15/08/2014)

Cleaning windows Review by Welsh witch

This product is amazing , I will not use anything else , it has to been used to believe it even on stubborn mark it easily comes off , and on mirrors it's like wow ........................

(Posted on 05/01/2014)

Brilliant Review by Heatherkaz

I use this on my Granite work tops, oven doors, windows, mirrors, the bottoms of my kitchen stools which are chrome and the foam brings them up in a lovely shine with very little effort... I love this product and have recommended to my friends

(Posted on 26/11/2013)

Review of the Smear-Free Window Foam Review by Lynda

Brilliant product-have bought 10 cans because I don't want to run out!

(Posted on 03/09/2013)

Review of the Smear-Free Window Foam Review by Anne


(Posted on 21/08/2013)

Review of the Smear-Free Window Foam Review by Dorothy

Best window cleaner I have tried, have recomended to all my family..Delivered within 2days of ordering,fantastic

(Posted on 17/07/2013)

Review of the Smear-Free Window Foam Review by jennifer

Ihave used this product for years. It is fabulous

(Posted on 26/06/2013)

Review of the Smear-Free Window Foam Review by Helena

Great product

(Posted on 25/04/2013)

Review of the Smear-Free Window Foam Review by Catherine

This is an excellent product. My windows have never been smear free up until I started using it. The product is very easy to use and it takes very little time to do the cleaning.
It was recommended to me and in turn I have recommended it to others and will continue to do so.

(Posted on 18/04/2013)

Review of the Smear-Free Window Foam Review by Michael

i run a public house and my cleaner swears by it

(Posted on 13/04/2013)

Review of the Smear-Free Window Foam Review by doreen

this product is excellent, and will be ordering again when mine is finished.

(Posted on 09/04/2013)

Simply outstanding, no smear, clean every time Review by Stephen

I use this on my windows (inside and out), my mirrors, my TV, my computer screen, even my tablet PC and smartphone. It just erases all dirt and leaves everything super clean, no streaks or marks on mirrors with just a wipe. Everyone I know buys this as its just so good, better than anything in the shops. Try it if you don't believe me.

(Posted on 30/12/2012)

Review of the Smear-Free Window Foam Review by audrey

love this product does so many jobs .cleans shiny work surfaces .all my tiles/windows /mirrows/ even given my pvc doors and sills a once over/even did a quick clean up on my car sparkeled like new and stayed cleaner a lot longer .so easy to use and wipe off no hard rubbing.makes my jobs so much easier. would recommend this product to everyone. wish the price was a little lower then i would find so many more jobs to do with it .well done betterware for a brilliant product.delivery was quick and easy.

(Posted on 23/12/2012)

Review of the Smear-Free Window Foam Review by ALAN

Easy to use

(Posted on 18/12/2012)

Review of the Smear-Free Window Foam Review by Peter

We use it for cleaning Granite work surface and it does not leave a smear, just shiny Granite, Love it

(Posted on 07/12/2012)

Best window cleaner EVER!!!!! Review by Sharon

I have been using this product for over 10 years. I've always been terrible at cleaning window's, you want streaks, I'm your women.
Not with Smear-Free Window Foam, spray on, wipe off, job done. It's not only brilliant for window's, I use it on my Granite worktops after disinfecting. Brilliant on crome, laminate............................. I just love this product so much.
Cheers Betterware

(Posted on 04/12/2012)

Review of the Smear-Free Window Foam Review by Alison

No more rubbing to get rid of smears! Fabulous quick and easy product.

(Posted on 09/11/2012)

Review of the Smear-Free Window Foam Review by Janet

Excellent product.

(Posted on 23/10/2012)

Review of the Smear-Free Window Foam Review by Catrina

Great on sticky or greasy fingers marks on glass table tops. Even better on mirrors and glossy kitchen units - the foam stays put (unlike liquid glass cleaners) and the cloth doesn't get so wet through!! I even used it by dipping on to a q- tip to clean my laptop querty board!!

(Posted on 26/09/2012)

Review of the Smear-Free Window Foam Review by angela

Fantastic product, I can recommend this as I've used it for almost a year, and it is so easy,,just spray and wipe, no residue, no smears, simple as that, highly recommended.

(Posted on 17/09/2012)

Review of the Smear-Free Window Foam Review by Roger

We have used smear-free window foam for many years now and as far as I know Betterware is the only supplier of this excellent product

(Posted on 13/09/2012)

WOW Review by tor

This product is amazing. Brilliant gleaming windows and mirrors with hardly any effort at all. Will definitely be staying well stocked up with this. Fantastic.

(Posted on 26/07/2012)

definitely reccomend Review by C Whittaker

The spray glass cleaner is brilliant and makes the job I hate doing most very easy - results are gleaming windows !!

(Posted on 22/06/2012)

Review of the Smear-Free Window Foam Review by ELIZABETH

I buy this for myself and friends who have a hairdressing salon. The foam is used daily to clean mirrors and chrome bases of chairs. Its fabulous.The only downside is paying for postage.

(Posted on 10/06/2012)

This Window Cleaner actually works Review by Jacqui Gilman

I have been buying this cleaner for the last four years and swear by it! It does not streak at all and you can use it for other purposes like cleaning your gas burning oven tops and stainless steel. It is amazing and worth the £3.99 price tag as it lasts for ages!

(Posted on 11/05/2012)

Superb Product Review by HampshireLass

I haven't bought any other window cleaner since I bought my first can of Smear-Free Window Foam. It's an excellent product and very good value. I have just used my last can so will have to stock up :)

(Posted on 19/04/2012)

Best window/glass cleaner Review by Chris

At last something that actually works ! this is brilliant stuff , well worth the money !

(Posted on 11/04/2012)

smear free window foam Review by beryl mccarthy

i have used it many times it is very good

(Posted on 31/03/2012)

Review of the Smear-Free Window Foam Review by George

Does what it says. Can't ask more.

(Posted on 29/03/2012)

smear free window foam Review by MR SHARRATT

had a booklet through the door and i was told by a friend that it was good so i decided to try it .it is brilliant and i will have more of it

(Posted on 25/03/2012)

Review of the Smear-Free Window Foam Review by Karen

Have used this product for years, have recommended to several friends. Fantastically cleans windows, mirrors etc brilliant product not a bad price, lasts for ages.

(Posted on 09/03/2012)

wow!! Review by margaret

i have tried every window cleaner but this is the best..so effortless, fabulous stuf!! you will never use anything else,,it cleans windows , hobs.work tops ,tiles .i was worried as i thought it might have discontinued ..so glad i found it here .

(Posted on 06/02/2012)

Smear free window foam Review by Carolyn Goodyear

I have used this product for years, and was upset when we no longer had a book delivered to the house, but I now buy it on line, it is the best window cleaner I have every used.

(Posted on 05/11/2011)

Smear-Free Window Foam Review by Mrs P Simpson

Used it for years,usually buy extra if in the sale,it does what it says on the can,pure dead brilliant stuff

(Posted on 31/10/2011)

great stuff Review by elaine

this is the best cleaning stuff ever, doesn't just do windows, I do my plasma tv's, my computer, my leather settee. it's brill

(Posted on 10/10/2011)

Best ever Review by Jackie

Best window cleaner around. it does exactly what is says on the tin! No smears it's brilliant

(Posted on 19/09/2011)

Worht its wait in gold. Review by Jo Jo

Best ever window cleaner - my husband even loves using it!!!!

(Posted on 18/08/2011)

Magic Stuff Review by Rob

Found can back of cupboard under the sink not sure how long it had been there but now it's right at the front. It really is very good.

(Posted on 17/08/2011)

Smear Free Window Foam Review by Mara

This is the best window cleaner i have ever used, my daughter-in-law calls it the magic window cleaner, i will be buying more it's worth every penny!

(Posted on 16/08/2011)

Product Review for - Smear-Free Window Foam Review by N

Fantastic product and I have used it for more than cleaning windows, very versatile and fresh smelling would recommend.

(Posted on 03/08/2011)

Product Review for - Smear-Free Window Foam Review by Jane

I can honestly say this is the only window cleaner that I have ever used that really does clean without smears, and with very little effort. Believe me, I should know as the quest to find the right one took me years!!! Worth evry penny!

(Posted on 03/08/2011)

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Smear-Free Window Foam

Smear-Free Window Foam

SKU: 14193

78 Review(s)

Availability: Out of stock

Fed up with smeary or smudged windows? Our simple and effective Smear Free Window Foam cuts the time it takes to clean windows and leaves them crystal clear and sparkling. Just spray onto windows, mirrors, or any other glass surface and watch as the windows cleaning foam makes light work of dust and stubborn dirt or grease.

A must-have window cleaner for any home! Makes the job of glass cleaning around the home or in the car less of a chore. For streak free window cleaning, look no further!

*Made in the UK.