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silver worktop Review by Iris

Excellent product at a reasonable price.

(Posted on 23/04/2017)

McIntosh Review by MR

I have the white version of these - years old, in daily use and still going strong. If they get a bit discoloured I find that wetting them and then sprinkling with some biological washing powder (leave to soak for a good 30 minutes) revives them a treat. My old plate rack is a bit rusty at the bottom (can't find a similar replacement at all) and using the washing powder with a soak removes all traces of the rust marks.

(Posted on 15/04/2017)

HIGHLY RECOMMEND *************** Review by Rima


(Posted on 03/04/2017)

AS ALWAYS FANTASTIC ****** Review by Rima


(Posted on 03/04/2017)

Works as described and that is pretty nice Review by James

Same as summary. The tray is a heavy weight plastic. Does a great job at draining water. What else can I say.

(Posted on 08/12/2016)

Good, quick delivery with items arriving in good condition Review by Jane

Surprised to receive items so quickly. Worktop saver particularly useful and hard-wearing- easy to clean and dry.

(Posted on 30/11/2016)

Arrived broken Review by TIna

Although this arrived broken, it looks to be a sturdy drainer and would be fit for purpose if not damaged in transit.
The courier must have had much heavier items on top of it to cause it to break.
Customer services have agreed to replace straight away.
Overall good service from Betterware so far. Shame about the courier.

(Posted on 03/10/2016)

Great Tray Review by Rosa

I bought one of these trays a few years ago and was so pleased with it I just had to replace it after it started to go brittle and break. I have found it invaluable as I have a small kitchen and these days they don't seem to put double drainers in anyway. I would definitely recommend it.

(Posted on 02/09/2016)

Wonderful! Review by Hilary

I have had a white one of these for years if not decades and it was beginning to get a bit stained. Have looked all over the place for another one until I found this web site.

So useful for both pre-wash and post-wash.

(Posted on 19/12/2015)

good item Review by Gillian

this is a useful item.

(Posted on 12/12/2015)

Silver worktop drainer tray Review by Mojo

I purchased this for my daughter's new house as she had a belfast sink and no draining board as such, just the wooden worktop. She is so pleased with it as her plate draining rack fits within the size of it and it looks neat and tidy in the kitchen. I knew of this because I had bought the white one many years ago when needed in a previous house of mine. Excellent product and would highly recommend.

(Posted on 09/12/2015)

It works. Review by _OO_

This replaces white version of same thing, which had lasted at least 10 years.
In the last year or so the old one had started to sag and split, and accumulate hard water scale --- so pretty good for 10+ years.
Hopefully new one is at least as good.

(Posted on 28/09/2015)

Space saving silver worktop drainer tray Review by Elizabeth

Sturdy, easy to wipe over and saves water marks on drainer.

(Posted on 25/09/2015)

must hav Review by Ae

Brilliant keep clean drainer sink area tidy. If no double drainer this product is a must have!

(Posted on 24/07/2015)

silverware drainer Review by SARA

yeah absolutely great - my pots dry so much quicker- easier to clean - very happy!!!

(Posted on 24/04/2015)

Really handy sink drainer Review by Birdy

I bought this item to replace one that I bought from Better ware many years ago. I hope this one lasts as well!

(Posted on 22/03/2015)

Really handy sink drainer Review by Birdy

I bought this item to replace one that I bought many years ago. I hope the new one lasts as well!

(Posted on 22/03/2015)

Not very good Review by Dr Elizabeth J

The tray has nothing to clip it onto the work surface. Consequently it slides all over the place and the water doesn't always drip into the basin. OK for a few lightweight dishes or glasses but not suitable for lots of dishes or heavy items.

(Posted on 19/03/2015)


Having just invested in a new stainless steel sink I was looking for something suitable to protect the draining board. The space saver draining board was 'Just the Job'. It protects the stainless steel and acts as a second draining board when having lots of dishes to drain.

(Posted on 24/02/2015)

Very good Review by Susan

this is my third draining tray, one I have just thrown out after years of wear, got one from E.bay last year and purchased one recently from you

(Posted on 05/02/2015)

Great draining board extension Review by JCJ

We have just had our kitchen replaced and swapped a single sink with large draining board for a sink and a half with a smaller draining board, which was nothing like big enough to accomodate a day's washing up, even for just 2 of us!
I bought this Drainer tray and it sits neatly on top of the draining board with our stainless steel plate rack and cutlery drainer on top. We use it like this until we need extra draining space then we simply slide the whole lot out onto the adjoining worktop, neatly doubling the size of the draining area. All the water drains from the tray onto the draining board and into the sink. Brilliant! And only £7.99. I wish the rest of the kitchen had been that cost effective!

(Posted on 01/02/2015)

Worktop drainer Review by Anthony

sensible size and shape, sturdy construction. Good value item and does the job very well.

(Posted on 27/01/2015)

Distorted Draining Board Fix Review by David

We inherited a poor quality stainless steel sink unit when we bought our house, where the drainer has bowed so that water pools there instead of running off. It's a size not currently in production, so difficult to replace. The Betterware drainer fits neatly on top and successfully drains straight into the sink, thus solving this particular problem...

(Posted on 23/01/2015)

Fab gadget Review by Elaine

I bought my kitchen drainer years ago and use it when I have that extra washing up my drainer won't hold, I payed a visit to my niece who just moved house and found her drainer a bit small so I told her about the space saver drainer, she loves it, as now her cutlery tub does not keep getting knocked into the water.....it's gets a five out of five from me and my niece

(Posted on 11/11/2014)

Great product to save worktop Review by pl

The Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray is exactly what we needed to finish our new kitchen with final touches. Our friend has jus ordered one since she like it too!

(Posted on 17/10/2014)

good product Review by Riaz

fast delivery. good quality. would recommend it

(Posted on 20/09/2014)

Useful item Review by Rosalind

I was really pleased to find this useful item for my mother who moved into a modern flat with no draining board. Just for clarification, the depth from front to back of the work surface is the longer measurement (49cm)

(Posted on 12/09/2014)

Great product Review by JUDITH

I buy this item every now and again, I'm currently using 2 of them. It's so useful and looks good on the draining board, I wouldn't buy anything else.

(Posted on 22/08/2014)

Review of the Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray Review by Susan

Ideal in situations where you have no draining board.

(Posted on 11/06/2013)

Review of the Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray Review by michael

Very very good it works perfectly no more wet worktop

(Posted on 07/05/2013)

17 years and due for a change!! Review by Pam From Bolton

I have just purchased my second one of these 'Worktop Drainer Trays'. The only reason for this is the Sun ~ I purchased my first one, in white, 17 years ago for my new fitted kitchen, and after that length of time its only now, started to dry out on one edge hence the sun's fault, if I were not fussy about this, I would probably not have bothered with a new one, but I did love the silver one. It is a fantastic addition to any kitchen and a really good size (In fact its virtually the same size as my stainless steel one) It doesn't move about when in use, good value for the cost, amazing staying power and if my new one lasts as long as my first purchase, well, it doesn't owe me any change. Would have loved to have got another white one but the silver is just as nice. Recommended to any one. xxxxx

(Posted on 17/04/2013)

Review of the Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray Review by Nina

This drainer is very handy and the colour suits any kitchen as well

(Posted on 03/04/2013)

Just what we needed Review by Martine Cherry

We are installing a round sink without a draining board to save space in a smaller kitchen. This is just what we were looking for. It is well constructed, smart looking and the perfect size. Also really pleased to see it is made in the UK!

(Posted on 20/03/2013)

Review of the Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray Review by judith

Exactly what I wanted.Perfect and good value.

(Posted on 20/02/2013)

Review of the Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray Review by DEBBIE

very useful item indeed.

(Posted on 17/02/2013)

Review of the Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray Review by Shelley

Nicer colour. It would be good if you showed the dimensions so people knew which was the long side - it would have only fitted one way round in my house - fortunately it was the right way!

(Posted on 26/01/2013)

Review of the Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray Review by MJ

I bought this one to replace my old white Betterware one which I'd had for years. They're great for keeping water stains off the sink draining area.

(Posted on 01/01/2013)

Review of the Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray Review by Brian

This product is everything we wanted, and was delivered within 2 or 3 of ordering

(Posted on 24/12/2012)

Worktop drainer tray Review by Alison

Perfect solution to problem. Take this on all self catering holidays as you usually get a tiny drainer and pathetic workspace suitable for a cosy couple weekend when in fact you rented self catering for a family of 5

Loathe the blue. Hate the silver (?) - actually dull boring grey. Bring back the white!

(Posted on 23/12/2012)

Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray Review by Lindylou

I agree with many other comments - BRING BACK THE WHITE ONE - please!!!!

(Posted on 18/11/2012)

Work top drainer tray Review by Brenda crimes

We have a motorhome and it drains beautifully into the round sink. I am going to order another for my daughters new kitchen

(Posted on 01/11/2012)

worktop drainer tray Review by cindy simmons

I have just come online to order a new one as my old "white" one needs replacing-
i cant! i have to have a white one!What a shame!

(Posted on 12/10/2012)

Silver worktop draining tray Review by Yvonne

I had a white one from years ago which I've been very pleased with as it protects my built in drainer from limescale marks. However, it's time to replace it, I'm VERY disappointed there isn't a white one anymore, surely white is better than silver/grey or Aqua, who wants that colour??? Please bring back the white one!

(Posted on 23/09/2012)

Review of the Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray Review by Helen

It would be great if I could get it to stay put on the worktop. It's lighweight and moves around easily, which tends to end up with the worksurface I'm trying to protect gettting wet anyway. Perhaps rubber feet would solve the problem?

(Posted on 19/09/2012)

Review of the Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray Review by Jean

it "does what is says on the tin"...... I was so fed up with a constant pool of water on my worktop. The Worktop Drainer Tray is perfect for the 'other' side of the sink when you have a single draining-board.

(Posted on 15/07/2012)

Review of the Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray Review by Ann

I ordered this as my sink unit drainer had developed a crack

(Posted on 07/07/2012)

Silver ? Drainer Tray Review by Dave

Purchased my 2nd tray to replace the fading white original I've had years. Excellent product, but SILVER ? It's deep GREY ! Why don't you offer a better range of colours, including white/cream ? And as for the blue version.....!

(Posted on 04/07/2012)

Worktop Drainer Tray Review by Dan

I have been using the Betterware Drainer Trays for many years now, but recent handling showed some crumbling of the product, and I have had more than my moneys worth out of them, so I did not hesitate to order new ones. They do exactly "what it says on the packet", and with edges all around - splashes and spills don't go all over the kitchen - - just where they are supposed to go - - into the sink.
I had to improvise a "non-slip" system underneath, which Betterware might like to look into.
I am extremely happy with the product.

(Posted on 20/06/2012)

Review of the Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray Review by Carole

Ideal drainer, right for job, so got two one for each side of sink.

(Posted on 01/06/2012)

Review of the Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray Review by liz

Light weight useful for those extra pans as spacious proportions

(Posted on 31/05/2012)

Review of the Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray Review by Albert

This is the second Worktop Betterware Drainer I have had ,the previous one started to loose its shiny surface after about eight years so I decaded to order a new one in grey ,( the first one was white ) and it matches the sink much better. A first class product.

(Posted on 25/05/2012)

Poor quality item ... Review by Jeff Dandy

I have to report that after using this for only a short period of time, it has buckled and warped which allows water to pool on it's surface.
THe over all design of this item has been compromised by deference to economy of production rather than naking sure that the item is constructed in such a way as to actually do what it is supposed to do ... namely, collection of water and direction into sink.
Not very hygenic due to residue left by pooling of water and certainly not fit for the purpose for which it was intended.
I would caution anyone from buying this item.

(Posted on 01/05/2012)

Review of the Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray Review by Sue

Excellent saves my oak worktop from needing so much treatmrnt

(Posted on 25/04/2012)

Review of the Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray Review by Heather

A great product that will either protect a new sink or create space by adding to a worktop to drain dishes if space is limited. The service and product is excellent.

(Posted on 25/04/2012)

Review of the Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray Review by nigel

excellent product, great customer service.

(Posted on 25/04/2012)

Drainer Review by Christine Young

I have had the white version of this, but it is past its best, and so I ordered this silver one, but it just doesn't look right in my kitchen. Why don't you still make the white one?

(Posted on 23/04/2012)

Review of the Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray Review by SADIE

Solid drainer tray, larger than expected which is great!

(Posted on 04/03/2012)

A really great product Review by Fran Christie

A fantastic product for my 84 year old mum, who had no drainer to the left of her sink. she thinks it's great as the water does not splash all over her worktops any more.

(Posted on 03/02/2012)

Proper Job! Review by Mrs S

We purchased this to sit on the wooden worktop and drain into our Belfast sink unit. It arrived very quickly and is perfect for the job, being both easy to clean and fitting perfectly in the area next to the sink. Although the silver colour is ok and blends into my kitchen colour scheme, I would have liked to have a choice of colour (perhaps dark brown or cream).

(Posted on 23/01/2012)

Value for money Review by Paula

A really good product that we are pleased with. Fits neatly by side of sink and is so useful.

(Posted on 18/01/2012)

Just the job Review by Kate Jackson

I ordered this as I was using a tea towel and rack in my rather 'ill planned' kitchen. I was a bit worried that it would not fit on the space I have or over my sink, as when unpacked it looked too big, but it fits perfectly. Easy to clean, matches in with other items and now no soggy tea towel. A great purchase and good value for money in comparison to other sites offering a similar product.

(Posted on 13/12/2011)

good Review by Maria

Nice product and very affordable.Would recommend this to my friends.

(Posted on 08/10/2011)

Does what it says on the tin! Review by jodorset

Have had one of these before which lasted years and this is really a replacement. Its a great product - very robust - just right and well priced.

(Posted on 01/10/2011)

Brilliant ! Review by david91

We needed a dish drainer that would sit on our wood finish kitchen sink unit ( plus 'belfast' sink) Found this on Betterware. Absolutely brilliant. Would recommend straight away. Does the job perfectly .

(Posted on 22/08/2011)

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Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray

Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray

SKU: 19419

64 Review(s)

Availability: Out of stock

Our Space Saving Silver Worktop Drainer Tray is the answer for small kitchens or sinks without a draining board.

The angled tray allows water to flow back into the sink, preventing puddles that can cause damage to your worktop. The worktop dish drainer tray is ideal for creating extra drying space after a Sunday roast or large family meal. The worktop drainer is more hygienic than using a tea towel and allows your dishes to dry quicker.

The Worktop Draining board is exclusive to Betterware and works with sinks of all shapes and sizes. It has a slim profile (4cm) for easy storage when not in use and can be used in conjunction with a regular dish rack.

The worktop draining board measures 49 x 40 x 4cm.

*Made in the UK.
Note: due to the nature of the product, natural flow marks can occur

Also available to buy in Black.