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WOW - Just WOW! Review by Karen

Bought this for an end of tenancy oven clean - it now looks like a brand new oven. I am so impressed with it - I am recommending it to everyone I speak to - have never liked cleaning ovens, but this product made it so easy.

(Posted on 25/08/2016)

Best oven cleaner on the market Review by Julie

This really is the best oven cleaner I have ever used. So easy and completely odourless. Nobody likes cleaning their oven, but with this product all the pain is taken away. Just brush on and wipe off. Stubborn marks will come off easily too, just leave the product on for a little longer. Can't recommend this product highly enough.

(Posted on 20/10/2014)

great cleaner Review by catherine

I hated cleaning my oven with a passion until I tried Oven Mate. It is great, once you have pasted it on you just leave it until you,ve got time to get back to it and mostly its just a wipe down, any hardened grime is still much easier to clean off

(Posted on 17/02/2014)

Review of the Oven Mate Cleaning Gel Review by Trevor

I have no comparable product to judge this against but this product does the required job of oven cleaning to my satisfaction.

(Posted on 06/06/2013)

Review of the Oven Mate Cleaning Gel Review by Hilary

Amazing product. Prompt delivery. Great value for money.

(Posted on 09/10/2012)

Just when I thought sand blasting was the only answer.... Review by Julia Plant

Having won a 4 year old second-hand cooker on ebay and realizing it hadn't had the oven cleaned since new I set about cleaning it, a look at the main oven roof horrified me having stalactites of grot growing off it and and rest of it being not much better! I started by using the cleaner 'with the bag' which got the shelves and floor mostly clean after an overnight soak but didn't make a dent in the roof. Then I remembered a friend giving me a half used bottle of Oven Mate, I painted on the thick gel which clung to the roof and 3 hours late the mess was easily removed! I'm seriously impressed and will be buying my own bottle very soon!

(Posted on 17/11/2011)

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Oven Mate Cleaning Gel & Scrubbing Brush

Oven Mate Cleaning Gel & Scrubbing Brush

SKU: 59575

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Our Oven Mate Cleaning Gel & Scrubbing Brush makes light work of any stubborn grease, fats and oils. If you have been spending hours soaking and scrubbing your pans, grills, barbecues and roasting trays, this oven cleaner will be a welcome relief! The scrubbing brush doubles the cleaning power and allows you to really bring up a great shine on your oven, pans and trays.

This product is perfect for people who struggle with or simply loathe cleaning their ovens. It will make your job significantly easier, saving you tremendous amounts of time and effort while delivering a professional standard clean that will leave you in disbelief. Once applied all that’s left for you to do is wipe it down and use a brush to remove any hardened grime. You’ll be flabbergasted at just how quickly this gel works!

*Made in the UK.
Applicator brush
Sleeve protectors

Note: not suitable for self cleaning ovens.