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Multi-Use Descaler And Limescale Build Up Preventer

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  • Multi-Use Descaler And Limescale Build Up Preventer

Multi-Use Descaler And Limescale Build Up Preventer

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Limescale can build up anywhere in the home and can become hard to shift using conventional cleaners. Limescale can affect the efficiency of many household appliances and devices especially showers and kettles. Our Multi Use Descaler makes light work of limescale on showers, kettles, around sinks, on taps and in coffee machines.

This specially developed limescale remover removes limescale quickly and easily and is safe to use on plastic or metal kettles, coffee percolators and coffee filter machines, steam irons, showerheads and washing machines. It's also great for cleaning chrome, stainless steel, ceramics, glass and porcelain. Simply apply to the affected area, leave for the allotted time, and all limescale will be effectively removed.

*Made in the UK.

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Why Buy
  • Effectively removes limescale
  • Great for taps, showers, sinks and kettles
  • 500ml. £5.98 per litre.
  • Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Excellent product Review by Raymond

    Haven't found a better descaler anywhere. Would thoroughly recommend it

    (Posted on 03/12/2016)

    Excellent Review by Norman

    This is a further purchase as I have bought this item before and will do again. Very versatile and will de-scale almost anything. Recommended

    (Posted on 22/10/2015)

    Works a treat Review by Thimon

    Used this product as instructed in a Nescafe DeLongi Dulce Gusto coffee maker. As it is in used in Spain, the water (bottled) builds up deposits of limescale very quickly. After 6 months use the machine had slowed to a trickle. Ran the prescribed dose through the machine once and rinsed copiously. Back to good as new. Worked instantly. Worth 5 stars.

    (Posted on 04/07/2014)

    Review of the Multi-Use Descaler And Limescale Build Up Preventer Review by Ernest

    I have used this product for more years than I can remember and I miss the rep. calling to give an order. It is excellent at its job, my use mainly for kettle and showerhead. Hence my multiorder to keep me stocked for a year or two.

    (Posted on 26/11/2012)