Make 2017 a year of giving and kindness…

Have fun this year and bring joy and kindness to others.  Sounds simple right?  And it really is.  With a bit of planning and thoughtfulness, you can make a huge difference to someone.

We can never know exactly what is going on in someone’s life.  We can never truly know or understand what happens behind closed doors.  But we do know that small random acts of kindness can brighten another’s day and best of all, it spreads! Do something kind for another, and most will then pass on that kindness to someone else!

You may have heard of the book, Fill a Bucket: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Young Children. It is an award winning children’s book written by Carol McCloud and Katherine Martin focusing on how you can make yourself and others happy and taking note of the effect that your actions can have on others.  Equally the film Paying It Forward sends out a similar message. 

Some of our favourite acts of kindness:

Donate some clothing, a blanket or a scarf to Charity – pass on a nice thick jumper to someone living on the streets.  Even better, put a little note in the pocket with a voucher for a hot drink or cup of soup from a local shop.  If you don’t have anything to pass on already, we stock this all-purpose fleece hood  which can be added to any coat to keep the wearers head, neck and ears warm on frosty days. Ideal for keeping the wind and cold out.

Smile at people you meet – this is great because it’ll make you feel fantastic too when they smile back or say hello.

Give a lottery ticket to a stranger – pop it into an envelope, choose a random house, pop it through the letterbox.  

Give a compliment – say what you think, if someone looks nice, tell them!  Don’t just think it, say it!  A simple ‘I love your hat’ could lift someone’s mood and give them confidence.

Send a random present in the post to a friend or relative – it doesn’t have to be their birthday or a special occasion, it doesn’t have to cost the earth, just a very small surprise to make them feel special and valued. What about a relaxing gift to give them time to unwind? Our Zen Art Therapy Colouring Book makes a lovely gift. Add some pencils and the recipient can relax into the creative world of colouring. Containing beautiful and intricate illustrations of animals, colouring allows minds to switch off, de-stress and release creative skills.

Press flowers from your garden and make a card – especially nice to give to someone in hospital or that isn’t able to get out and about much themselves.

When walking around at Christmas/Halloween, choose your favourite house display – write a note saying ‘thank you’ for the lovely lights/decorations, explain it made you smile and leave a small donation to give to a Charity of their choice.

Donate to Charity – choose a charity close to your heart and donate a little time or money.  Giving your time as a volunteer can be a valuable offering, especially if you have skills which can be put to good use.  Our chosen charity to support in 2016 was the Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer Scotland. Thanks to the generosity of our customers, by the end of the year we were well on the way to raising £10,000 for these charities which are fighting to find a cure for this distressing disease. The Alzheimer’s Charities Trolley Token is still available to buy.

Advent Acts of Kindness – instead of an advent calendar for the children, make them a jar with daily acts of kindness they can complete in the lead up to Christmas.  Children will love doing something kind for others and making them smile.

Give a drink – on a really hot day, think of the postman in the heat and offer him a cold can of drink to take on his way.

Why not encourage others to get involved? Spread the word!  It doesn’t have to cost money, giving your time or skills can be the best and most appreciated gifts of all.

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