All About Betterware!

Just for fun, here is an insight into Betterware


B is for Betterwear

Did you know that Betterware as it is now known, was originally Betterwear? In 1970 Betterwear became Betterware, the catalogue was introduced and the company name changed to reflect a wider range of household products.


E is for Established in 1928

‘Betterwear’ was founded in East London in a time of great unemployment, making and selling brushes and polishes door to door. The Betterwear man with his brown suitcase quickly became a popular figure on the streets of Britain.


T is for Technology

In 1934 the company moved to bigger premises in Romford and was at the forefront of technology and ideas. Sales quadrupled and after the war many ex-servicemen took advantage of our opportunity. The housewives of Britain were happy to support them by buying products.

T is for Team

As the saying goes, there is no I in Team and here at Betterware we strongly agree with that.

Our sales structure is a close-knit community of family businesses all pulling together and our success is built on the outstanding support we offer our fantastic independent sales teams of Distributors, Coordinators and Territory Sales Agents, together with the excellent personal service they offer (our) customers.

E is for Employment & Earnings

By the 1960’s the percentage of women joining had increased and so had earnings! The traditional suitcase of products was replaced by a folder of photographs of products (a precursor to the catalogue).

There’s no secret to how it works; the Betterware catalogue is our shop window, our sales teams distribute it directly to the public and the public browse and buy from it – it’s as simple as that!

We think our greatest achievement through the decades is the opportunity we’ve offered ordinary people to improve their lifestyle and control their family’s earnings by running their own Betterware business. It’s totally flexible in terms of time, commitment and geographical location and is a genuinely fantastic opportunity to increase your earnings.

R is for Relocation

In 1980-1990 Betterware got bigger and better. The company moved to the Midlands and as the product range and sales force increased new premises in Curdworth, Birmingham were opened by Prime Minister John Major.

In 2015 We moved again – to our new premises in Hurricane Park, Birmingham.

W is for www

Betterware goes online – In 2000, Betterware launched a brand new website to sell to a wider audience, including parts of Europe.



A is for Anniversary 

In 2013 Betterware celebrated 85 years!  To mark this milestone the company brought back some of its best loved and most popular products of previous years in a special 85 anniversary catalogue edition.

R is for Rewards

Betterware is only successful due to the hard work and dedication of the team working together.  Betterware aims to reward people for their extra efforts and runs lots of promotions and incentives to say a little extra ‘thank you’.



One of the best things about having your own Betterware business is being part of a great big team and being able to share experience and knowledge, to help you make the most of this great opportunity.  That’s why Betterware Events are so special, whether it’s a local Divisional Meeting, a Training Workshop, a National Event or even an international trip, they are always memorable and well worth attending.






E is for evolution & partnership

In October 2015, Betterware became a member of JRJR networks (formerly CVSL), a growing federation of direct selling companies dedicated to the growth and prosperity of direct sales companies worldwide.



Why not become a part of one of the UK’s biggest and most successful direct selling companies? With Betterware you will become your own boss, you can work from home and you’ll be in control of your own business and earnings. The flexibility it offers means you decide what hours you work and how you fit your business around your family life, existing commitments or any another job, allowing you to earn additional income for your home.


You will receive full support and training as well as exclusive access to the Betterware Hub – a hive of information, tools and tips from people already running their own Betterware businesses, to help you achieve the level of earnings you want as quickly as possible.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and your only investment is your time!work for us

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