5 Top Tips For Preparing & Enjoying Your Garden This Summer

The sun is shining (hopefully), the doors are thrown open to let the fresh air through, get ready to enjoy your garden.

We’ve got lots of tips and products to care for your garden, helping you weed, feed, scrub and polish and then decorate your outdoors’ areas beautifully, ready for those long summer nights.


Does your garden lack colour and depth? Maybe you have a courtyard garden or large expanse of patio? You can easily add shape and colour with pots, baskets and accessories.

Our bright and cheerful sunflower bird bath is perfect for our feathered friends to drink and bathe in whilst adding colour and interest to your garden.

Attract bees and butterflies to your garden with our wild flower mix.

Help protect our bee population and ensure your garden hums this year with our butterfly and bee flower seeds. A mixture of annuals and perennials will blossom into vibrant flowers attracting the prettiest of creatures to your garden. Easy to plant and ideal for use in beds, boarders and containers.

Clear out stubborn weeds you do not want to be sitting in your garden, relaxing and taking in the summer, only to be looking at weeds in your lawn and patio. Never fear! These can be dealt with quickly and efficiently!

Made of tough carbon steel, this unusual  Wonder Weeder tool removes well-rooted weeds with minimal surface disturbance. The easy-grip handle has a hanging hole for easy storage. A true essential for any gardener!

Kill weeds from the root so they won’t return with our weed killer.

This ready to use formula works on all types of garden weeds to ensure once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. Containing glyphosate, the strong formula attacks a broad spectrum of weeds from the root.

No more kneeling and bending to remove those weeds with this handy weeding tool. The angled wire bristles of this brush effectively clean between blocks and paving slabs to easily remove weeds, moss and dirt. The handy spike is great for digging in between paving, removing those hard to reach, stubborn weeds. Easy to use adjustable handle, just twist the black handle and adjust to your desired height. Great for those with back problems or mobility difficulties.

Light up your garden If you truly want to enjoy the longer, warmer evenings, bring some light into your garden.  Lighting can add another dimension to your garden, bringing it alive.

Spectacular by day and night, our stunning peacock glows from the solar-powered LED light orb within his metal caged body. Each feather on his crown and tail is detailed with faceted acrylic accents that catch the glow from the orb, creating a truly mesmerising display.

This beautiful and unusual garden decoration allows you to plant your favourite flowers in the bucket and enjoy the glow of the solar light in the evening. Provides approximately eight hours of light from the tap water droplet.

Take the feel of the inside, out into the garden!  Our solar powered crystal-effect chandelier is perfect for garden parties. No messy wires meaning you can hang it wherever you like, we think it would look great hung from a tree or as a centrepiece in your gazebo!

Alfresco eating – make eating outside a breeze.

Protect your outdoor table and ensure a clean eating surface with this striking and attractive outdoor cover. Complete with zip fastening and an 8cm gap in which to insert your central parasol.

How many times have you sat in the garden enjoying a drink only to look down and find a pesky insect doing the backstroke in your juice? Not any more! Protect your drinks this summer with these bright and colourful umbrellas.

These covers sit on top of your drink and even have a handy hole in the top for your straw. In assorted colours, they will even help everyone remember which drink is theirs!

Keep your garden watered – Whilst you may enjoy basking in the long sunshine filled days, your plants may be feeling the heat and need a well deserved drink. Don’t forget daily early morning/evening watering will be required for new bedding plants and pots and baskets.

A hose that never twists or tangles!

This amazing expandable hose will never kink, twist or tangle allowing water to always flow freely. It grows three times in length once the tap is turned on, and then shrinks back down to size in seconds once turned off. Includes jet spray gun with seven spray patterns, two universal quick fits and one outdoor tap connector.

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