Vegetable Ragu/Bolognese – in the slow cooker

Here is a recipe for all of you slow cooker fans!

Try this tasty family recipe that can be prepped the night before.  Ready to be cooked the following day for a healthy and filling dinner. Ideal for cooking in a slow cooker, ready for when you get home. It’ll make the house smell gorgeous while cooking too!


2 Courgettes

2 Sticks celery – chopped

4 Carrots grated or thinly sliced

½ Yellow pepper chopped

½ Red pepper chopped

1 Red onion chopped

Handful of mushrooms chopped

2 Cloves crushed garlic

2 Tablespoons Tomato Puree

1 Tin of chopped tomatoes

100ml Vegetable stock

Oregano, basil & parsley – sprinkling

Salt to season

Pepper to season

Optional: 1 small glass of red wine


To serve – Spaghetti (or see our tip below!)

Spray your slow cooker with low fat cooking spray and then place all ingredients in the pot, cover and cook on low for approx 6 hours. If you do not have a slow cooker you can also do this in a large pan/wok on the hob. Simply spray the pan with low fat cooking spray before adding the ingredients and allow to simmer for 30-40mins. 

Chopping herbs and vegetables can be tricky and time consuming, but our palm chopper allows you to dice onions, garlic, peppers and more with the greatest of ease! Simply pop the pieces inside, twist and let the stainless steel blades get to work.



Cook your spaghetti and serve.

TIP: Alternatively, why not try courgetti? You can enjoy delicious veggie pasta, salads, stir fries and rostis! The JML Vegetti is the fast and easy way to turn your vegetables into spaghetti, ribbons and spirals. Thanks to the dual stainless steel blades you can cut courgettes, carrots, cucumber and even potatoes in to thick or thin ribbons. Quick, safe and healthy.

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