All the right baking tools at Betterware

So, there’s a special occasion on the horizon, a family birthday, your parents’ wedding anniversary, your first born’s Christening, your best friend’s hen night…. And you have been put in charge of baking the cake!

Hopefully whipping up a cake isn’t a daunting prospect and you already enjoy baking, finding it relaxing to spend an afternoon in the kitchen creating something tasty, feeling a sense of achievement for creating a masterpiece from scratch.

Whether you are a novice baker or a seasoned pro, creating a cake that not  only looks delicious but tastes as good as it looks, can be a challenge! You’ll want people to admire your handiwork before taking a bite and then reaching for another piece. The tools you use, can be just as important as your previous experience, working with the correct equipment can make a difficult process run much more smoothly.

And this is where we can help!  We love baking at Betterware and you will  find a large array of items to help you on your way when you browse our Bakeware and Cake Decorating departments. There is good reason why our bakeware range is one of the most popular areas on our website.  From cake moulds to plunger cutters, piping sets to cake stencils, we have the supplies you’ll need.


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Body Beautiful with Betterware

Beauty – as defined by the Oxford Dictionary:  A combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight

We all have a different idea of what beauty is.  Many of us take pride in our appearance and like to  look good for both ourselves and others. We’ve got some great products and tips to help you do just that!


In order to be body beautiful we need to prepare and relax our body – and it is a good excuse for a pamper session!

Our Aromatic Lavender Bathing Set is designed to relax your mind and body, the aromatic gel inside this bath pillow and eye-mask set radiates a soothing lavender fragrance. Ideal for a long and relaxing soak, the eye mask can either be heated or cooled, whilst the pillow provides a comfy place to rest your head.

Deep Clean

Now treat your skin to a deep clean.  Give your skin a fresh glow and smooth feel with the new way to cleanse and massage. 90% of users say their skin feels smoother and brighter.












The rechargeable Sonic Facial Cleanser uses sonic technology to cleanse your skin with hygienic silicone bristles, with no soap or water required. The massage function restores tired muscles in the face and neck.


Now that your body is nicely relaxed, it’s time for a little preening!  Want eyebrows that are immaculate and on point? These plastic eyebrow stencils are the easy way to create the perfect curve and shape. Simply hold the stencil in place on your brow and fill in your chosen shape with eye pencil or eye shadow.

Then using slanted tweezers, pluck any hairs that are outside of the brows you have just pencilled. 

Eyebrow tip – always apply your brow makeup (pencil or powder) to the upper part of your eyebrow


Make up with the right tools

Our handy mirror with foldable base is perfect for applying make-up when you need a close up view of what you are doing, with one side regular and one side double magnification.


Equally our Magnified make up glasses are prefect for an end to smudged eyeliner and misplaced mascara with 3x magnification.

No more squinting or straining to see when applying your make up, these metal frame glasses with nifty flip over lens enables accurate make up application.

Tip – Apply mascara from the bottom root of the lash and use a zigzag motion all the way up the lash

The Mineral Magic range is all you need for a completely flawless look. Mineral Magic is the secret to complete complexion perfection. The incredible mineral powder foundation and concealer is made with built-in colour correctors that mask and even out imperfections to give you radiant, beautiful-looking skin. It is so light and ultra-fine it won’t even feel like you’re wearing make-up. The Mineral Magic blusher gives your cheeks a smooth, youthful glow, whilst the special lash extending mascara makes lashes 50% longer and four times thicker.

Did you know?  When applying powder makeup always apply first to the oily shiny areas of the face and then just give the rest of your face a light dusting




At the end of the day it is important to remove your make up and give your skin some protection to keep it looking great.

A precious balancing action on the skin, combating the formation of wrinkles and restoring the skin’s natural freshness, thanks to the properties of Retinol Vitamin A. This Retinolo bv cream associates the action of Vitamin A with that of Vitamins E, F, and C, ginseng extract and plant collagen from acacia. With constant use, the skin is reborn and with visible effects after just a few applications.

What are your favourite makeup and beauty tips? We’d love to hear your ideas.

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Make 2017 a year of giving and kindness…

Have fun this year and bring joy and kindness to others.  Sounds simple right?  And it really is.  With a bit of planning and thoughtfulness, you can make a huge difference to someone.

We can never know exactly what is going on in someone’s life.  We can never truly know or understand what happens behind closed doors.  But we do know that small random acts of kindness can brighten another’s day and best of all, it spreads! Do something kind for another, and most will then pass on that kindness to someone else!

You may have heard of the book, Fill a Bucket: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Young Children. It is an award winning children’s book written by Carol McCloud and Katherine Martin focusing on how you can make yourself and others happy and taking note of the effect that your actions can have on others.  Equally the film Paying It Forward sends out a similar message. 

Some of our favourite acts of kindness:

Donate some clothing, a blanket or a scarf to Charity – pass on a nice thick jumper to someone living on the streets.  Even better, put a little note in the pocket with a voucher for a hot drink or cup of soup from a local shop.  If you don’t have anything to pass on already, we stock this all-purpose fleece hood  which can be added to any coat to keep the wearers head, neck and ears warm on frosty days. Ideal for keeping the wind and cold out.

Smile at people you meet – this is great because it’ll make you feel fantastic too when they smile back or say hello.

Give a lottery ticket to a stranger – pop it into an envelope, choose a random house, pop it through the letterbox.  

Give a compliment – say what you think, if someone looks nice, tell them!  Don’t just think it, say it!  A simple ‘I love your hat’ could lift someone’s mood and give them confidence.

Send a random present in the post to a friend or relative – it doesn’t have to be their birthday or a special occasion, it doesn’t have to cost the earth, just a very small surprise to make them feel special and valued. What about a relaxing gift to give them time to unwind? Our Zen Art Therapy Colouring Book makes a lovely gift. Add some pencils and the recipient can relax into the creative world of colouring. Containing beautiful and intricate illustrations of animals, colouring allows minds to switch off, de-stress and release creative skills.

Press flowers from your garden and make a card – especially nice to give to someone in hospital or that isn’t able to get out and about much themselves.

When walking around at Christmas/Halloween, choose your favourite house display – write a note saying ‘thank you’ for the lovely lights/decorations, explain it made you smile and leave a small donation to give to a Charity of their choice.

Donate to Charity – choose a charity close to your heart and donate a little time or money.  Giving your time as a volunteer can be a valuable offering, especially if you have skills which can be put to good use.  Our chosen charity to support in 2016 was the Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer Scotland. Thanks to the generosity of our customers, by the end of the year we were well on the way to raising £10,000 for these charities which are fighting to find a cure for this distressing disease. The Alzheimer’s Charities Trolley Token is still available to buy.

Advent Acts of Kindness – instead of an advent calendar for the children, make them a jar with daily acts of kindness they can complete in the lead up to Christmas.  Children will love doing something kind for others and making them smile.

Give a drink – on a really hot day, think of the postman in the heat and offer him a cold can of drink to take on his way.

Why not encourage others to get involved? Spread the word!  It doesn’t have to cost money, giving your time or skills can be the best and most appreciated gifts of all.

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Looking forward to 2017

As New Year approaches, millions of you will be sitting giving thought to the new resolutions you could be making for 2017. Will you try a resolution that you have tried before and failed at? Or maybe you are considering a new challenge?

Did you know that a high percentage of people making resolutions won’t keep them up for long, with 4 out of 10 people not making it past the first week of January?!  How do you normally fare?

Lose weight, get fit, stop smoking and drink less alcohol – these often feature at the top of the New Year resolutions lists with losing weight being the firm favourite.

We can’t tell you how to magically lose weight, or stop smoking overnight, but we can give you products which can help you on your 2017 journeys, we can even try and save you money with our sale items (why not stock up on these for gifts for the year to come?) and let’s face it, who doesn’t like to make savings where they can?

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A Tasty Christmas?

Are you entertaining over the Christmas period? With a bit of forethought and planning, you can be ready for your guests and relax on the day.  Whilst Christmas Dinner is probably the most important meal over Christmas, we thought we would explore some ideas for those other friends and family get togethers with some tasty snacks and nibbles you can make. There are so many free recipes online to try, the difficulty is choosing which to make first!

Delicious homemade Seasonal pasties and pies

For mouth-watering pasties and pies use this set of three moulds. So simple to use, roll out your pastry then using the dough cutter on the back cut out your shape, stuff with your chosen filling, fold, then press to seal and crimp. Ideal for making your own Calzones, Ravioli, pastries and empanadas.

Some filling ideas we love –

  • Cranberry & Turkey
  • A festive feast – Turkey, Bacon, Sausage, Stuffing, Cranberry – a real Christmas treat!
  • Turkey & ham – yum!
  • Beef & Stilton – delicious!
  • Turkey & Brussel sprouts – yes really! We’ve heard this is amazing with a creamy cheese sauce

Mini bite sized loaves

Perfect as finger food, you can create delicious, bite-sized treats with this mini loaf pan. Perfect for rustling up delicious recipes such as individual toad in the hole with a festive twist. Why not try adding some cranberry sauce, chorizo or maybe caramelised red onion gravy – our mouths are watering!

Festive Muffins & Brownies

Who can resist the smell of freshly baked treats?  Especially warm Christmas muffins and chocolate brownies!

What flavour will you choose to make?  

Ideas for muffins:

  • Cranberry & white chocolate chunks
  • Cinnamon, mixed spice & dried fruits
  • Lemon, cranberry & poppy seed, Mmmmmmmm!

Why not also try Chocolate brownies with an added touch? Simply allow cranberries to soak in brandy and then add to your usual brownie recipe.  Can you imagine the smells that will come wafting out of your kitchen!

Use our muffin & brownie baking tin and make 12 delicious treats. High quality and non-stick makes baking muffins and brownies easy.

What other tasty Christmas recipes have you tried? We would love to hear you ideas and see photos of your festive creations.

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Christmas is Coming! The Christmas Season comes alive at Betterware with some fabulous new items.

Is it really time to start thinking about Christmas?  Already?  Here at Betterware we are getting excited about the festive season with some great new products.

What makes you feel really Christmassy and happy because Christmas is coming? What brings the festive magic to your home?


For many, the true beginning of the count down to Christmas is Advent.  This one is frequently a favourite with the children as it often signals the arrival of a chocolate every day until the main day itself!

Children will love making their own advent chocolates with our easy to use Advent Chocolate Mould.  Even better, it gives you something fun and christmassy to get in to the festive mood. Simply melt the chocolate of their choice, fill the mould and leave to set. Makes 24 chocolates for a tasty Christmas countdown!  And the perfect accompaniment is the silicone chocolate melting jug.  The easy way to melt chocolate. Place your chocolate in the silicone lidded jug and warm in the microwave or oven, then simply pour out into moulds – mess free!

If chocolate is not your thing, you could try the Countdown To Christmas Plaque instead.  Keep track of exactly how many days there are until Santa arrives with our glitter detailed bauble effect plaque. Simply hang or display on a windowsill, mantelpiece or dresser to add festive cheer whilst counting down to the big day.

Christmas Lights 

There is something very magical about the twinkling of fairy lights and their pretty glow.  A home can be transformed by the addition of carefully placed light displays.  Our Wooden House String Lights are just the ticket.  Ten charming little white houses with red roofs feature pretty Christmas tree cut out designs and cosily light up your home with a soft warm white glow.

A Christmas canvas can really add an extra special touch to your home and there are few pieces out there as impressive as this festive painting featuring lights.  This beautiful festive Christmas scene on canvas looks great during the day and even better in the evening when it is brought to life with over 100 LED lights that twinkle and shine.

Festive Smells

Close your eyes and imagine the smell of cinnamon wafting through your house, the aroma of mulled wine greeting your guests as you open your front door to them, welcoming them in.  Gingerbread baking in the oven.  Try the Christmas Angel Cutters to make your gingerbread biscuits even more festive and fun for the children.



A home filled with Christmas music and carols is a happy home.  This new product will have you Rocking around the Christmas clock!  Playing a different festive tune every hour, our Christmas clock is perfect for the festive season! Make your guests smile when they hear each merry tune.

And last but not least – a bit of festive fun!  The motion-activated singing reindeer is lots of fun! This charming singing reindeer is sure to be a talking point when you have guests over this Christmas! He will start to sing ‘Lonely This Christmas’ when people are close by and his mouth opens as he sings.


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All About Betterware!

Just for fun, here is an insight into Betterware


B is for Betterwear

Did you know that Betterware as it is now known, was originally Betterwear? In 1970 Betterwear became Betterware, the catalogue was introduced and the company name changed to reflect a wider range of household products.


E is for Established in 1928

‘Betterwear’ was founded in East London in a time of great unemployment, making and selling brushes and polishes door to door. The Betterwear man with his brown suitcase quickly became a popular figure on the streets of Britain.


T is for Technology

In 1934 the company moved to bigger premises in Romford and was at the forefront of technology and ideas. Sales quadrupled and after the war many ex-servicemen took advantage of our opportunity. The housewives of Britain were happy to support them by buying products.

T is for Team

As the saying goes, there is no I in Team and here at Betterware we strongly agree with that.

Our sales structure is a close-knit community of family businesses all pulling together and our success is built on the outstanding support we offer our fantastic independent sales teams of Distributors, Coordinators and Territory Sales Agents, together with the excellent personal service they offer (our) customers.

E is for Employment & Earnings

By the 1960’s the percentage of women joining had increased and so had earnings! The traditional suitcase of products was replaced by a folder of photographs of products (a precursor to the catalogue).

There’s no secret to how it works; the Betterware catalogue is our shop window, our sales teams distribute it directly to the public and the public browse and buy from it – it’s as simple as that!

We think our greatest achievement through the decades is the opportunity we’ve offered ordinary people to improve their lifestyle and control their family’s earnings by running their own Betterware business. It’s totally flexible in terms of time, commitment and geographical location and is a genuinely fantastic opportunity to increase your earnings.

R is for Relocation

In 1980-1990 Betterware got bigger and better. The company moved to the Midlands and as the product range and sales force increased new premises in Curdworth, Birmingham were opened by Prime Minister John Major.

In 2015 We moved again – to our new premises in Hurricane Park, Birmingham.

W is for www

Betterware goes online – In 2000, Betterware launched a brand new website to sell to a wider audience, including parts of Europe.



A is for Anniversary 

In 2013 Betterware celebrated 85 years!  To mark this milestone the company brought back some of its best loved and most popular products of previous years in a special 85 anniversary catalogue edition.

R is for Rewards

Betterware is only successful due to the hard work and dedication of the team working together.  Betterware aims to reward people for their extra efforts and runs lots of promotions and incentives to say a little extra ‘thank you’.



One of the best things about having your own Betterware business is being part of a great big team and being able to share experience and knowledge, to help you make the most of this great opportunity.  That’s why Betterware Events are so special, whether it’s a local Divisional Meeting, a Training Workshop, a National Event or even an international trip, they are always memorable and well worth attending.






E is for evolution & partnership

In October 2015, Betterware became a member of JRJR networks (formerly CVSL), a growing federation of direct selling companies dedicated to the growth and prosperity of direct sales companies worldwide.



Why not become a part of one of the UK’s biggest and most successful direct selling companies? With Betterware you will become your own boss, you can work from home and you’ll be in control of your own business and earnings. The flexibility it offers means you decide what hours you work and how you fit your business around your family life, existing commitments or any another job, allowing you to earn additional income for your home.


You will receive full support and training as well as exclusive access to the Betterware Hub – a hive of information, tools and tips from people already running their own Betterware businesses, to help you achieve the level of earnings you want as quickly as possible.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and your only investment is your time!work for us

If you are interested in finding out more about our opportunities please click here to apply online.

Check out our Pinterest boards for lots of other ideas and tips we like.

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Quick ideas for a house makeover!

The children are back at school leaving you with time to give the house a quick spruce and update before Christmas arrives! We’ve some great products to help you refresh your home and decor.

You don’t need to repaint your entire house to give it a lift and make it feel new again.

We love this for the bathroom. The illuminated canvas has flickering LED lights, which give the impression of real candle flames, adding a warm glow to your bathroom wall without the risk of real candles. So now you can enjoy that candle lit luxurious bath.

Kids bedrooms looking tired? Give a plain wall a lift with these mirrored stickers. This self-adhesive set is the inexpensive way to brighten up any room in an instant and the uplifting words will add a touch of positivity to every day.

Why not put those photos hidden away in the drawer on display instead.  Photos are a great talking point.  Why not display them on the wall in the hall or stairwell for all to enjoy and remember the memories. Try the wooden multi frame – with four different style frames bonded together to showcase your photos in the most charming way.

Brighten up your kitchen and give it a quick makeover.  Just by adding a few new and colourful accessories, you can change the look and feel of your kitchen space in an instant. Try accessorising with bright chopping boards like the one here.

If your kitchen is looking tired, refresh old cupboards, drawers, work surfaces or any piece of furniture that needs updating with our self-adhesive bird film. Completely transforming a room, this modern and stylish film is so easy to apply to any clean flat surface.

Prepare your hallway for Autumn and Winter. Keep it tidy and make sure everything has its place with our handy coat hanger and shelf.

Our fantastic dandy clean runner is also ideal for the winter, a real dirt grabber! It easily soaks up mud and wet dirt that’s tracked into the house, without needing to scrape your feet.

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5 Top Tips For Preparing & Enjoying Your Garden This Summer

The sun is shining (hopefully), the doors are thrown open to let the fresh air through, get ready to enjoy your garden.

We’ve got lots of tips and products to care for your garden, helping you weed, feed, scrub and polish and then decorate your outdoors’ areas beautifully, ready for those long summer nights.


Does your garden lack colour and depth? Maybe you have a courtyard garden or large expanse of patio? You can easily add shape and colour with pots, baskets and accessories.

Our bright and cheerful sunflower bird bath is perfect for our feathered friends to drink and bathe in whilst adding colour and interest to your garden.

Attract bees and butterflies to your garden with our wild flower mix.

Help protect our bee population and ensure your garden hums this year with our butterfly and bee flower seeds. A mixture of annuals and perennials will blossom into vibrant flowers attracting the prettiest of creatures to your garden. Easy to plant and ideal for use in beds, boarders and containers.

Clear out stubborn weeds you do not want to be sitting in your garden, relaxing and taking in the summer, only to be looking at weeds in your lawn and patio. Never fear! These can be dealt with quickly and efficiently!

Made of tough carbon steel, this unusual  Wonder Weeder tool removes well-rooted weeds with minimal surface disturbance. The easy-grip handle has a hanging hole for easy storage. A true essential for any gardener!

Kill weeds from the root so they won’t return with our weed killer.

This ready to use formula works on all types of garden weeds to ensure once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. Containing glyphosate, the strong formula attacks a broad spectrum of weeds from the root.

No more kneeling and bending to remove those weeds with this handy weeding tool. The angled wire bristles of this brush effectively clean between blocks and paving slabs to easily remove weeds, moss and dirt. The handy spike is great for digging in between paving, removing those hard to reach, stubborn weeds. Easy to use adjustable handle, just twist the black handle and adjust to your desired height. Great for those with back problems or mobility difficulties.

Light up your garden If you truly want to enjoy the longer, warmer evenings, bring some light into your garden.  Lighting can add another dimension to your garden, bringing it alive.

Spectacular by day and night, our stunning peacock glows from the solar-powered LED light orb within his metal caged body. Each feather on his crown and tail is detailed with faceted acrylic accents that catch the glow from the orb, creating a truly mesmerising display.

This beautiful and unusual garden decoration allows you to plant your favourite flowers in the bucket and enjoy the glow of the solar light in the evening. Provides approximately eight hours of light from the tap water droplet.

Take the feel of the inside, out into the garden!  Our solar powered crystal-effect chandelier is perfect for garden parties. No messy wires meaning you can hang it wherever you like, we think it would look great hung from a tree or as a centrepiece in your gazebo!

Alfresco eating – make eating outside a breeze.

Protect your outdoor table and ensure a clean eating surface with this striking and attractive outdoor cover. Complete with zip fastening and an 8cm gap in which to insert your central parasol.

How many times have you sat in the garden enjoying a drink only to look down and find a pesky insect doing the backstroke in your juice? Not any more! Protect your drinks this summer with these bright and colourful umbrellas.

These covers sit on top of your drink and even have a handy hole in the top for your straw. In assorted colours, they will even help everyone remember which drink is theirs!

Keep your garden watered – Whilst you may enjoy basking in the long sunshine filled days, your plants may be feeling the heat and need a well deserved drink. Don’t forget daily early morning/evening watering will be required for new bedding plants and pots and baskets.

A hose that never twists or tangles!

This amazing expandable hose will never kink, twist or tangle allowing water to always flow freely. It grows three times in length once the tap is turned on, and then shrinks back down to size in seconds once turned off. Includes jet spray gun with seven spray patterns, two universal quick fits and one outdoor tap connector.

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Vegetable Ragu/Bolognese – in the slow cooker

Here is a recipe for all of you slow cooker fans!

Try this tasty family recipe that can be prepped the night before.  Ready to be cooked the following day for a healthy and filling dinner. Ideal for cooking in a slow cooker, ready for when you get home. It’ll make the house smell gorgeous while cooking too!


2 Courgettes

2 Sticks celery – chopped

4 Carrots grated or thinly sliced

½ Yellow pepper chopped

½ Red pepper chopped

1 Red onion chopped

Handful of mushrooms chopped

2 Cloves crushed garlic

2 Tablespoons Tomato Puree

1 Tin of chopped tomatoes

100ml Vegetable stock

Oregano, basil & parsley – sprinkling

Salt to season

Pepper to season

Optional: 1 small glass of red wine


To serve – Spaghetti (or see our tip below!)

Spray your slow cooker with low fat cooking spray and then place all ingredients in the pot, cover and cook on low for approx 6 hours. If you do not have a slow cooker you can also do this in a large pan/wok on the hob. Simply spray the pan with low fat cooking spray before adding the ingredients and allow to simmer for 30-40mins. 

Chopping herbs and vegetables can be tricky and time consuming, but our palm chopper allows you to dice onions, garlic, peppers and more with the greatest of ease! Simply pop the pieces inside, twist and let the stainless steel blades get to work.



Cook your spaghetti and serve.

TIP: Alternatively, why not try courgetti? You can enjoy delicious veggie pasta, salads, stir fries and rostis! The JML Vegetti is the fast and easy way to turn your vegetables into spaghetti, ribbons and spirals. Thanks to the dual stainless steel blades you can cut courgettes, carrots, cucumber and even potatoes in to thick or thin ribbons. Quick, safe and healthy.

For more tips and ideas take a look at our Baking With Betterware and Delicious Recipes boards on Pinterest.

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