Bonfire Night – Enjoy with some yummy Toffee apples!

Halloween has been and gone and next in the diary is Bonfire Night. Be prepared and help your night go with a bang with this recipe. Make your own toffee apples to enjoy while watching the Fireworks.

Toffee Apples

You Will Need:

7 Apples

7 Lollipop Sticks

Boiling Water

Baking Sheet

Baking Parchment


100ml Water

400g Golden Caster Sugar

1 Teaspoon Vinegar

4 Tablespoon Golden Syrup

Sprinkles or any other decorations you want to use


Place the apples in a large bowl and cover with boiling water.

Dry the apples and take off any stalks.

Push a lollipop stick into each apple.

Lay the apples out onto a baking sheet prepared with parchment paper.

Place the sugar and 100ml water in a pan and cook for 5 minutes – allowing the sugar to dissolve.

Add vinegar and syrup to the pan. Bring to the boil and allow to cook for approx 10 mins.

Dip each apple into the toffee mix and turn it to coat it completely.

Place on the baking sheet, add sprinkles if using and allow to harden.

Once cool, enjoy!

TIP: Why not sprinkle with popping candy for an extra surprise for the kids? Or once hardened, melt chocolate and cover the toffee apples with the melted chocolate. Allow to harden before enjoying.

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Betterware takes part in BBC 2’s ‘Back In Time For The Weekend’

Have you ever seen the BBC2 Series ‘Back In Time For Dinner’?  It followed the Robshaw family experience 5 decades of trends in British cuisine, where the family had to ‘live’ the decade and prepare and eat typical food of the day – using cooking utensils from whichever era they were living during each episode.  You try making food for a family without a microwave or modern cooker! Over 3 million viewers enjoyed each episode when it aired on BBC2 in March this year. The series was so popular that the BBC has commissioned a 2nd series entitled ‘Back In Time For The Weekend’ following a different family on a time-travelling adventure to show how the way we spend our spare time has undergone a revolution over the last 65 years, transforming our homes, our hobbies and our family dynamics along the way.

The BBC  were keen to include a section in their next 60’s episode about how women were choosing to do more with their spare time than be housewives at that time and were taking up part time and full time work with companies like ours.  They contacted us and asked us if we could find a lady who worked for Betterware in the 60’s as they were keen for us to take part.

Rosie Smith, Head of Communications for Betterware said

“We searched high and low for a lady who had worked with us in the 60’s and thanks to retired RSE Doug Moye we traced a former ‘Betterwear Sales Agent’ who was with us from 1963 – 1971. Helen Watson  worked in the Norwich area and remembered the time fondly; she was a mine of information but nothing we could do would persuade her to ‘go on the telly!’  So I was nominated to take part .”

The filming took place in London at the beginning of August and will be seen in the new series which airs in Spring, 2016. 

“It was a really interesting day because one minute we were meant to actually be in the 60’s and the next minute we were reflecting about how it had been in those days, so it took a bit of getting used to. The lady of the house had no idea I would be knocking on her door as her local Betterware lady, so her reactions are all absolutely genuine.  I was invited in with my vintage suitcase full of vintage products and we spent the next few hours talking about Betterware products of the era and what it was like to be a Betterware lady in the 60’s (spelled Betterwear at that time).  Thank goodness Helen had given me lots of background!  The BBC team were particularly impressed that we had been an equal opportunities company and that women earned exactly the same commission as men, which was extremely unusual at that time.  Although the BBC are very reticent to promote ‘brands’ on any of its TV or Radio shows and will no doubt do a lot of editing and voiceovers on what we recorded, there’s absolutely no way that viewers will be left in any doubt that the lady of the house is sitting having tea with a Betterware lady.”

Some of the 60’s products Rosie had in her suitcase…..

“We had a number of products from the 60’s era at head office, donated by customers for the most part and some we’ve managed to buy from Ebay.  The ‘Teliplate’ was used to clip onto teacup saucers so you could put your biscuits on them while watching TV, but try as the director might she couldn’t get one to fit a modern saucer.  In fact she tried so hard she cracked one of them, much to her horror!  The lady of the house loved the ‘Crinoline Lady’ brush set as well and particularly liked the avocado ‘Soup Bowls’.”


‘This is the leaflet I used in the filming and is one of the original leaflet/brochures which Betterware representatives would have shown to housewives.  They showcased the latest products the company had to offer and as many of the products were far too big to fit in a suitcase the Betterware lady or man would probably have had samples of them in his/her car.’


‘The hit product of the day with the production team and the ’60’s housewife’ was the ‘Betterwear Egg Squarer’.  Once you had boiled and peeled an egg you put it into the Egg Squarer, screwed down the lid and hey presto, after it had cooled you had a square egg.  Much easier to slice!’


It will be great to see our fantastic brand and sales team discussed and represented in front of millions of viewers, although I have to say I’m more than a little nervous about how I’ll look in HD TV!  Ah well, you can’t talk about vintage products without a few wrinkles, can you?’

If you would like to become part of the Betterware  team,  please call us on 0121 693 2671 or apply online. 

Our Betterware Limited Facebook Page is dedicated to recruitment and general Betterware news.

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2 Clever uses for your slow cooker

Slow cookers can be a great help in keeping you organised and family meals ready for when you get home. Perfect for hearty casseroles, stews and soups – but what else can you use your slow cooker for?

Caramelize onions – simply place sliced onions in your slow cooker – fill it approx ½ full. Drizzle with olive oil.  Place on the lid and then select the lowest heat setting and longest time setting on your slow cooker. Onions left to cook for 10 hours will generally be lightly browned with a little bite left – for more camaralised onions, leave to cook for a further few hours with the lid slightly ajar.

Triple Chocolate Brownies – oh yes, we like the sound of this idea – Simply spray your slow cooker with cooking spray and line with parchment paper. Mix flour, cocoa, salt & baking powder together. Place butter and chocolate in a microwave bowl and melt, stirring every 30 secs until smooth. Add sugar and eggs. Add the flour mixture, nuts and chocolate chips. Place in the slow cooker and smooth the top. Cook on low for 3 and a half hours, then uncover and cook for a further 30 mins. Remove in parchment paper and allow to cool on a rack for at least 2 hours. Then cut into pieces.

Ingredients you will need:

1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour

1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

3/4 teaspoon baking powder

  • 1/2 teaspoon coarse salt
  • 1/2 cup (1 block) unsalted butter, cut into pieces
  • 8 oz chocolate, chopped
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 3 large eggs, lightly beaten
  • 1 cup walnut halves, coarsely chopped
  • 6oz chocolate chips

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Ian Sees the Benefits Of Betterware

When Coordinator Ian Howe joined us as a Distributor, like many people around the UK he was on benefits and was using his Betterware earnings to top up his family income.  But unlike some people Ian wanted to get off benefits as quickly as possible and when Welsh Sales Leader, Jackie Elliott offered him a Coordinator role, Ian jumped at the chance and came off benefits very shortly after that. He is helped by his wife Jackie who has limited mobility but who manages to assist Ian in his Betterware business in many ways.

The BBC have been following Ian (and people from other walks of life) over the past 6 months, filming for a programme which shows just how hard some people will work to get themselves off benefits – it’s the exact opposite of Channel 4’s ‘Benefits Street’.  You may have seen the BBC filming Ian at our ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ conference in January where he was one of the final contestants.  The programme is in the editing stage and the makers hope it will go to air this Autumn.

If you too would like to join Betterware, why not get in contact to learn more about our opportunities. For further information about each role and to find out how much extra you could be earning by running your own successful Betterware business please call us on 0121 693 2671 or apply online. 

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Afternoon Tea – Perfect ways to display and transport your offerings!

Anyone for afternoon tea and cake? Show off your cakes, canapés and exquisite sandwiches with our range of cake stands.

This beautiful retro, two-tier cake stand will have you feeling like the perfect 50’s housewife as you serve up your skilfully decorated home-made cupcakes or mouth-watering sandwiches. A stunning addition to the table and great for serving a variety of foods.

Show off your home-baked goodies with this pretty and practical cake-stand, with a fleur-de-lys style trim. Perfect for celebrations, afternoon tea, or just if you fancy a bit of cake!

If you have to transport your cakes you will want to do so with the utmost care to prevent any accidents!

Transport your culinary delights with ease with this convenient lidded box – ideal for taking food to parties or picnics, or just for home storage. The roomy interior is great for ensuring delicate icing and decorations don’t get damaged!

Have your cake and serve it! Transport and store your cakes easily with this clip-lid cake box. The shallow base and deep lid make it ideal for serving cake and keeping the design on top neat and the cake fresh.

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In The Garden In September

Your plants and flowers have hopefully survived the summer heat and it’s time to prepare for the next season. As it starts to cool down this month and the days are shorter, there are still tasks to be done if you want to keep your garden in tip top shape for the rest of the year.


Your To Do List for September:

  • Harvest remaining fruit such as apples, pears and plums.
  • Cut back hedges.
  • Take cuttings of your favourite roses.
  • Plant spring flowering bulbs.
  • Regularly top up bird baths.
  • Raise the cutting height of your lawn mower.
  • Dig up any remaining potatoes.

For more tips and ideas take a look at our  In The Garden  board on Pinterest.

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Feeling the pinch? Cheap and free activity ideas

It is nearing the end of the School Summer Holidays and many families will be feeling the pinch after lots of days out to keep the children entertained during the holiday period.

There are lots of free or frugal activities that you can do – with a little planning and a few everyday items you will have plenty to keep the little ones busy and having lots of fun. Here is a list of our favourite 10 ideas to get you started. 

  • Go on a picnic – you can go anywhere, grab a blanket and head out – to the garden, beach, park, you choose!
  • Arrange a toy swap – most of our children have more toys than they need – why not host a toy swap? Each child brings a toy they are happy to swap for a new toy brought by another child – everyone goes home with a new toy to love!
  • Camp out – Pitch a tent in the garden and have a mini camp, at home! No need to worry about facilities and you always have the option of retreating to the house if needs be!
  • Make a toy ice block – fill an old ice cream container with water, add small plastic toys and pop in the freezer. Once frozen, children will have great fun attacking the ice block with toy hammers.
  • Make mud pies – use old pots and pans, plastic containers and let the kids have great fun making mud pies. You will be amazed just how long this activity will keep them amused for!
  • Make and fly a kite –  why not have a competition to see who can design and then fly the best kite? They needn’t be anything fancy, grab some scraps of paper, felt tip pens, string, sticky tape and sticks and get creative.
  • Press flowers and make a thoughtful card – collect some pretty flowers, press them between paper towels and heavy books until flat and dried. Then make a beautiful card for a loved one.
  • Paint birdhouses – either renovate old birdhouses or buy cheap wooden birdhouses that the kids can paint and hang in your garden. Not only will they look great, it is a good way to encourage children to be interested in nature and wildlife. These would make a perfect gift also.

  • Make water balloon piñatas – fill water balloons and suspend from a tree. Find a suitable pole to take it in turns to hit the balloons – who will get a soaking first?!
  • Attract butterflies to the garden – make a butterfly feeder by finding a suitable spot in the garden for a deep plate – make a mixture of sugar and water at a ratio of 1:10 – simply heat until the sugar has dissolved and allow to cool. Place a sponge in the deep plate and saturate with the sugar mixture. Place slices of over ripe bananas around the sponge. Watch as butterflies start coming to feed! Why not also plant a mixture of annuals and perennials which will blossom into vibrant flowers attracting the prettiest of creatures to your garden.

Check out our Fun With The Children  Pinterest board for lots of other ideas we like.

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Hark! Our New Catalogue Heralds The Start Of Christmas! On Sale Today!

Our new catalogue is out today and features lots of great new products. Here’s a preview.

Who doesn’t like a good pie? No one we know – especially with the football season starting again!
It’s also pie time on the front cover with some tasty prices to tempt on our ever popular enamel pie dish range.



Featuring the National Trust Cook Book ‘Simply Baking’ with a forward by Sybil Kapoor – chef, food writer, broadcaster and winner of five national awards for her books on cookery writing and food journalism.

You often ask us to include products covering seasonal events like November the 5th and Hallowe’en and this year we’ve got ahead of the high street to launch a special ‘spooktastic’ Hallowe’en range.

The Christmas season comes alive ….

Starting on Page 58 there are some fabulous new products like the ‘Festive Storage Tins’ and the ‘Santa’s Jacket Cutlery Holders’ as well as the return of 2014 top sellers, the hugely popular ‘Colorado Spruce Garland’ and ‘Colorado Christmas Tree’.



Last year, customers loved our Dancing Christmas Tree, so we’ve included a new version this year at £24.99.  His version of ‘Stupid Cupid’ makes him all the more loveable!

Catalogue 7 is just a taster of the fantastic Christmas range to come. We will unle ash the full magic of Christmas in Catalogue 8!

CHRISTMAS BARGAINS – There are still great bargains to be had in our Xmas clearance section.

Like a huge £10 off the ‘Pinecone String Lights’

Pictured are the ‘Pretty Jewel Cutters’ @ £7.29 – perfect for putting the finishing touches to cakes and a really pretty chopping board, decorated with cute cupcakes (and with an immediate saving of £3.50)’Cupcakes Glass Worktop Saver’ @ £9.99.

Check out the great quality of our new ‘small portion’ cookware – perfect for couples or singles who don’t want to waste good food. (£6.99 – £10.99)

The set of 4 smiley face cheese knives will be a definite talking point as you serve up! £7.29.

JML’s ‘Regis Stone Pans’ are sure to be popular @ £27.99 and £29.99.


There are many, many more new products, too many to tell you about, grab your copy of the catalogue and browse!

Please note: Not all of our Catalogue lines feature online and must be ordered via a Distributor.  


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Beauty throughout the ages – look after your body

No matter our age, we all deserve some pampering and we need to look after our bodies if we want to keep them looking youthful and revitalised. We’ve made a list of the health and beauty tips we like to follow.

Give your feet a regular pampering

Our feet are often neglected, out of sight, out of mind! Feet  can be so pretty when given a little bit of attention so get them out and pamper them!

 With a fun, summery lollipop design, this double-sided pumice stone has one side which is ideal for tackling problem areas like tough skin on heels, and another for smoothing soles for a beautiful, soft finish.


Treat your skin and keep it glowing

Moisturised skin looks fresh and healthy.

Our Fairtrade-certified beauty products are nourishing and kind to skin. With soothing cucumber and cotton, moisturising olive oil, safflower and mango, your skin will be cared for in a way it has never been before.


Take time to rest your body


A healthy body needs plenty of rest and relaxation to keep you looking youthful. Give your body a break and a treat at the same time with the therapeutic eye mask that can be used either hot or cold to soothe the delicate eye area, reducing puffiness and eye irritation caused by fatigue.


Relax your muscles and ease pain

The constant stress and strains of everyday life can leave our bodies aching and stiff. Find time to unwind, rest your muscles and treat any pain.


The velour coating of this special microwavable mud gel pack is soft and comfortable on the skin, whilst the gel easily conforms to your body shape for targeted relief.

The hot mud pad can be heated up to the required temperature and placed where required to give you comfort and relief just where it is needed.


Look your best to keep you feeling your best

Have you ever noticed how great you feel when you have just had your hair done, are wearing new clothes or have made an extra effort with your make-up?


Keep the foldable hair styling tool handy to ensure you are always looking your best. With five accessories including a mirror and various hair styling tools, this handy, compact travel sized tool is perfect for every handbag!


Check out our Health & Beauty Pinterest board for lots of other ideas and tips we like. What are your most important beauty regimes? We’d love you to share your tips with us.

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What can you do with a Pineapple skin?

We know that eating fresh fruit is important for our health and well-being, but what is special about pineapple?

Pineapple is a great source of vitamin C, ideal for boosting your immune system, high in fibre and water content, making it a good digestion aid,  as well as being a juicy treat.

If you enjoy the pineapple but don’t like waste, read on, we have the perfect solution to an otherwise wasted skin!

What better way to use the leftover skin of a pineapple than as a drinking vessel for a luxurious  pineapple cocktail or as a pretty bowl for a home-made frozen pineapple delight?

Pineapple Frozen Cream Delight

You will need:

  • 1 cupful of fresh pineapple, chopped finely
  • 200g (7 oz) caster sugar
  • 250ml (8 fl oz) milk
  • 250ml (8 fl oz) double cream, chilled
  • 1 fresh pineapple, cored

Place the sugar and pineapple in a food processor until well combined.

Add the milk and mix until the sugar has dissolved.

In a clean bowl, whisk the cream until stiff. Gently fold this into the pineapple mixture until combined.

Pour the mixture into cored pineapples, cover with cling film and freeze.

Pineapple Cocktail

You will need:

  • 45ml pineapple juice
  • 15ml vodka
  • 15ml orange liqueur
  • 5ml freshly squeezed lime juice
  • Crushed ice
  • 1 fresh pineapple, cored

Mix ingredients together (ideally in a shaker if you have one) and pour in to your freshly cored pineapple skin. Pop in a straw, lie back, and enjoy!

Check out our Staying Cool this Summer and Delicious Recipes Pinterest boards for lots of other ideas and tips we like.

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