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Betta Bug Katcha

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  • Betta Bug Katcha

Betta Bug Katcha

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The Betta Bug Katcha is a humane insect, bug and spider catcher that will allow you to easily capture creepy crawlies and deposit them quickly outside. It’s an ideal product or gift for people who are squeamish and need an easy way to dispose of spiders, wasps and more.

Simply place the chamber over the insect or spider and rotate the unit to close the shutter and trap the bugs. To empty, take the Betta Bug Katcha outside or to a window and rotate to release the shutter. The bug catcher has an adjustable handle that can be extended from around 23 cm up to 55 cm, allowing you to remove spiders from even the tightest of spaces.

This spider catcher is a must-buy item because its compact size makes it the perfect companion when camping.

*Made in the UK.


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Why Buy
  • Humane way to remove spiders and bugs from your home.
  • Chamber measures 8 x 8 cm.
  • Handle length 23 - 55cm
  • Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Bug Katcher Review by Pat

    Good service, dealt with a problem I had straight away

    (Posted on 04/08/2017)

    Great Review by Michelle

    Great no more trying to get rid of spiders.

    (Posted on 10/07/2015)

    Bettta Bug Katcha Review by Wendy Barker

    I purchased one of these around 14-15 years ago and it has been the best purchase I have ever made! The device is easy to use and very effective. However, it broke a couple of days ago ( the end Katcha part snapped off). I can't complain as it has lasted me many years. I desperately need a new one. I have been living in New Zealand for the past 12 years and I have lost count of the number of cockroaches (and the odd spider) I have picked up in it. I need a new one but they don't sell them here in NZ. I would highly recommend purchasing one of these if you do not like creepy crawlies.

    (Posted on 02/07/2015)

    Can't live without it! Review by Arachnophobiac!

    As my title suggests, I can't live without it! I have 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs. I've caught countless spiders, bees and even big moths! I don't have to rely on my husband any more to get rid of these.

    (Posted on 27/02/2015)

    Ideal Review by Jen

    Keep it in our conservatory - ideal for catching wasps and bluebottles that get in frequently.

    (Posted on 03/12/2014)

    Excellent product. Review by Eleanor

    A wonderful little gadget . i have tried various other designs but this is the best . Have been using it for years and could not do without it .Thank you Betterware for a great product and speedy service.

    (Posted on 01/11/2014)

    Not impressed at all Review by Lardavo

    I am not impressed at all with this product, it is cheap plastic and the latch is very loose, it would only seem to work if a spider is on the wall, so you can twist it round for the latch to shut, if anything is on the floor or ceiling it is no good, how do you twist it then, lots of the reviews are saying how great it is, don't know how?

    (Posted on 30/09/2014)

    Brilliant Product Review by Maria

    Have used this product for many years. It means I can free spiders instead of having a panic attack. We now have three and I would not like to be without them. Simple product but really works.

    (Posted on 31/08/2014)

    Excellent for removing spiders and all sorts of bugs Review by Janet

    Easy to use, keeps bugs at arms length, hardwearing and usefully folds down for taking away, storing, etc

    (Posted on 26/08/2014)

    Flimsy product - Poor quality Review by Customer

    I ordered a few products from the Betterware website, the service was good and I received my products as advised, but was disappointed with the quality of the bug Katcha as it's very flimsy and the latch on it is very loose and therefore wouldn't stay shut if a spider was caught in it.

    (Posted on 26/08/2014)

    Long time admirer Review by Pamela

    I have being buying the spider catchers for many years and often give as an additional present along with main present to friends and family. Just ordered 12 via my sister's agent. Great for moving little creatures from our home. Spiders, wasps bees and anything else that flies! Took one to Australia. Thought it was a funny gift, until the day a large deadly spider was in the house and I just happened to be speaking to her. She screamed SPIDER HELP. I am 13000 miles away. I shouted GET THE SPIDER CATCHER Phew! Thank you she said. Mission accomplished!

    (Posted on 30/06/2014)

    Review of the Betta Bug Katcha Review by Candace

    Highly effective but adding a hole at the end or some way in which it can be hung and stored would be useful. I've purchased many of these and my friends and family greatly appreciate them.

    (Posted on 20/08/2013)

    Review of the Betta Bug Katcha Review by Jacquelyn

    Best thing out, I`ve had mine for a few years now, it`s been a life saver for me as I`m terrified of spiders. My daughter is the same so this one I ordered for her, and she is very pleased with hers too.

    (Posted on 16/08/2013)

    Review of the Betta Bug Katcha Review by Anthony

    An ideal way to catch flies and spiders. So the Bug Katcha makes a great present for those people that have everything!

    (Posted on 11/08/2013)

    Review of the Betta Bug Katcha Review by maureen

    this product is ok if the bug lands on a vertical surface,but if it lands on the ceiling its difficult to catch the bug and close the door on it without squashing the bug,my husband caught a moth in it which had landed on the mirror,i tried to catch a spider with it on the ceiling and the spider ended up getting unfortunately squashed.everybody say awhh for the spider lol

    (Posted on 22/06/2013)

    Review of the Betta Bug Katcha Review by Hazel

    It's marvellous. You can get those horrible little things and not have to go too close. Wonderful product. I have one in every room (we get a lot of spiders)

    (Posted on 17/09/2012)

    Spider catcher Review by Kathy

    I am delighted with the service received, also with the product, already had one of those for some years but as I can't stand any sort of bugs in the house, hate the things but can't bear to squash them, yuk, have stocked up on more, now with longer handle which gives more security to someone like me. easy to use on windows, also useful in the car or to take away on hols.

    (Posted on 11/09/2012)

    Review of the Betta Bug Katcha Review by Catriona

    I bought this to have an extra one in the house. The handle now is much longer which I really like as I am scared of spiders and it means I can be further away from them until it is securely under the case.
    To put it together you need some brute force, especially the part of the handle that attaches to the catcher part, but don't worry it is quite sturdy.

    (Posted on 09/09/2012)

    Review of the Betta Bug Katcha Review by Trevor

    Excellent product and does just what I wanted - gets rid of flies and any other insects without leaving a squashy dead mess. Impossible to buy such a product in France,where I live, and online ordering and despatch were excellent and very quick.

    (Posted on 04/09/2012)

    bug catcher Review by Paddy Campbell

    A very useful item. I'm about to order a replacement - from our local Betterware agent, I hope - for the one we've had for 10 years or more which is worn out. Swatting insects is tiresome as it leaves deceased insects on windows. Particularly useful for removing important pollinators - frantic bumble bees - from the greenhouse.

    (Posted on 05/03/2012)

    Bug Catcher Review by Annie

    Bug Catcher is fantastic, I have also bought them for nieces and friends and daughters going to uni, they love them! We dont want the little blighters running round our homes but we dont want to squish them.

    (Posted on 28/10/2011)

    great Review by se

    I would not be without this product, I have one for upstairs and one for downstairs, and have also caught daddy longlegs as well as spiders etc

    (Posted on 12/10/2011)

    Great invention Review by Pat

    I have 2 of these in my house and are in constant use! Not only are they excellent for spiders they are brilliant for catching wasps which i hate more than spiders I am about to make a 3rd purchase for my daughter who's off to university as she cant bear to be with out one!!!

    (Posted on 03/10/2011)

    I love these.......but...... Review by Rob

    I have bought a couple of these before from Betterware and have found them to be great. Unfortunately friends have borrowed them and not returned them so i need a couple more.

    The review only gets 2 stars as although the product is great Betterware used to be the cheapest place to buy these by far but that is no longer the case so I have had to mark them down for that.

    (Posted on 01/10/2011)

    Betta Bug Katcha Review by Rosie

    Best thing I,ve ever bought. I have a fear of spiders but can catch them and remove to outdoors using this gadget....brilliant item!

    (Posted on 24/09/2011)

    amazing Review by cookie

    i have this product to thank for helping me over come my fear of spiders i was able to catch and remove spiders without touchin the or fearing they would escape. cheers

    (Posted on 22/09/2011)

    Flimsy Review by soulsearcher19

    The product appears to be flimsy and the short flimsy handle would not give me confidence to tackle the beasties. Not had to use it yet but I can see that it could work on walls. However, what about floor and ceilings?

    (Posted on 20/09/2011)

    best buy of the century Review by moose

    I hate spiders - this is the easiest and best way to catch them without having to come near them!! Also good for catching moths and flies!

    (Posted on 30/08/2011)

    Best invention ....ever! Review by Ellen

    I am absolutely terrified of spiders and didnt think I would use this when it was bought for. However it is the best present I have ever had, I confidently catch and remove spiders now, also work for wasps etc.

    (Posted on 26/08/2011)

    Product Review for - Betta Bug Katcha Review by Michelle

    this is a great product. Would be even better if the handle was a bit longer

    (Posted on 03/08/2011)