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Wire Add-A-Shelf

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  • Wire Add-A-Shelf

Wire Add-A-Shelf

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Add-a-Shelf is a quick and easy way to add valuable storage space to your kitchen cupboards. The product requires no assembly, just place it in your cupboards and it's ready to be used.
The Add-a-Shelf is made from a sturdy plastic coated metal with rubber feet to prevent it from sliding around your cupboards. It's perfect for holding larger items such as tins, saucepans and crockery but can also be used to store a whole host of other everyday kitchen, bathroom or laundry items. Get your Add a Shelf today and banish the clutter from your home!

Suitable for use in cupboards at least 450mm wide.
Perfect for use in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundry Rooms, Sheds and Garages.
The extra space allows you to see exactly what's in the cupboards without having to move everything around.
Measures 15cm high, 21cm deep and 41cm wide.
Not suitable for items less than 4cm in width.


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Why Buy
  • Suitable for use in cupboards at least 450mm wide.
  • Perfect for use in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundry Rooms, Sheds and Garages.
  • Measures 15cm high, 21cm deep and 41cm wide.
  • Not suitable for items less than 4cm in width.
  • Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Brilliant idea Review by Kalawati

    These shelves gives extra space in the kitchen cupboards and wardrobes. Very sturdy and well made. I got 4 of these.

    (Posted on 14/04/2017)

    A must for good storage Review by L.M.

    I have just received my second order of these shelves. I ordered 2 initially and was so pleased with how useful they are that I immediately ordered 2 more. No more wasted shelf space or putting one thing on top of the other in the cupboard. I highly recommend this product.

    (Posted on 08/03/2017)

    Add a shelf Review by Ericka

    These are just I what I have needed. I've ordered two more. They give me more space in my small cupboards. Perfect!

    (Posted on 16/12/2016)

    Makes better use of cupboard space Review by Debbie

    I bought 3 add a shelves for my corner larder unit. They make the space much neater, and instead of everything being stacked up on top of each other they have a shelf inbetween. Now I have flour under the shelf and packets on the shelf. I priced up other similar ones and better wares were the best value.

    (Posted on 10/09/2016)

    Fantastic Purchase Review by babsyten

    Very pleased with these shelves do the job they are made for!!

    (Posted on 14/02/2016)

    great idea Review by jeanbee

    i bought these to help organise my new larder cupboard. they do a great job and were a good price. would reccomend

    (Posted on 14/11/2015)

    Great Item Review by Jill

    Fantastic space saving option. I can now find what I am looking for in my cupboards and pantry at a glance. Brilliant.

    (Posted on 21/07/2015)

    Excellent Review by Hajra

    I wasn't all that impressed in a pix but I thought I should give a trial.I'm very impressed when it comes; sturdy little thing; absolutely fantastic to create my little cafe bar on my worktop. Will order more for the cabinets and the window sill to stack up plants and spice jars. May also use on dressing table to organise makeup n other stuff...on study table as well! What a wonder! I m delighted. Highly recommend this little magic!

    (Posted on 07/06/2015)

    Great, Does the job Review by Gemma

    A simple and effective way to increase storage in small kitchens. Just what was needed, thinking of getting some more for the other cupboards!

    (Posted on 01/06/2015)

    Great Space Saver Review by Maria

    This is a great space saving product, has given me lots more room in pantry for storing small jars and sauces. I have used a second one in press under the sink to keep frying pans/wok stacked neatly. I'm very happy with them.

    (Posted on 25/01/2015)

    Perfect1 Review by Lynda

    Just what I needed to help me keep my new year resolution to get organised ! A choice of sizes would be a bonus!

    (Posted on 16/01/2015)

    Excellent! Review by Alison

    Excellent product, should have bought some years ago!

    (Posted on 18/12/2014)

    Exactly as it looks and says Review by Louise

    Very handy and sturdy. Mine sits on the windowsill for plants to go on top of. Easy to clean. great for the price but wouldn't pay more as basic appearance

    (Posted on 06/11/2014)

    wire add a shelf Review by clara

    this add a shelf has given me 8 times more shelf space it is one of the best buys i have done for a very long time, i recomend this to anyone who wants to get more cupbourd space ,well worth the mony i paid and the delivery was quick

    (Posted on 05/11/2014)

    wire shelf Review by maria

    Great item, great fast service. Would use again

    (Posted on 13/10/2014)

    add a shelf Review by Helen

    makes the cupboards so much tider I ordered 2 and as soon as I got them I ordered another 4 now the daughter in laws want them aswell great item

    (Posted on 11/10/2014)

    Great product Review by Hang

    Really happy with it. My shelf is nice and tidy now.

    (Posted on 05/10/2014)

    excellent buy Review by Katrine

    Wonderful addition to kitchen cupboards, gives use of wasted space, so good I've just ordered another.

    (Posted on 30/09/2014)

    Sturdy and Practical Review by Fiona

    These are sturdy and great value. They help organise cupboards and make use of the space available.
    Other heights/sizes would be handy

    (Posted on 29/09/2014)

    Fab Review by Kk

    Fab storage doubles the capacity!!

    (Posted on 15/09/2014)

    A Great Item Review by Andy

    a great addition to the kitchen cupboard and great service

    (Posted on 09/09/2014)

    Wire Shelf Review by Jenny

    Oh what a difference to my cupboard space, as well as being able to see what is in the cupboard as well as looking so tidy.


    (Posted on 05/09/2014)

    Very Useful Review by linda

    I have found these shelves to be really useful for organising your food cupboards, stuff no longer falls out when I open the doors!!
    Would definitely recommend.

    (Posted on 31/08/2014)

    Fair Review by Lisanne

    I found a stacking wire version that I found to be a little better although this shelf is fairly good. Slightly different sizes would give purchaser more flexibility - this shelf is about 2 cm too long for the upper shelf in my cupboards.

    (Posted on 27/08/2014)

    Great Review by Shay

    Tidy cupboard at last with everything easily found

    (Posted on 16/12/2013)

    Review of the Wire Add-A-Shelf Review by Rosaline

    Great product, very happy with results of using them.

    (Posted on 29/08/2013)

    Review of the Wire Add-A-Shelf Review by Gillian

    Very pleased with the product (Add-A-Shelf), . I now have four of them in place and find them a boon in my cupboards

    (Posted on 21/05/2013)

    Review of the Wire Add-A-Shelf Review by Marcella

    Sturdy and stable - does exactly what it says on the tin.

    (Posted on 28/04/2013)

    Review of the Wire Add-A-Shelf Review by Carolyn

    I've bought 4 of these and friend has bought too. They are ideal for tidying cupboards... particularly good I've found for saucepan cupboard which is usually pretty chaotic. Note that the top will take saucepan lids slotted in if not too large. Also v good for plates.. mugs etc can go underneath. And they appear sturdy and are nicely finished. Over and above everything else the price.. £4.99 a bargain

    (Posted on 21/04/2013)

    Review of the Wire Add-A-Shelf Review by John

    More Space in the Caravan Cupboards.
    We purchased two shelves in order to create more storage in our Touring Caravan Cupboards. The Cupboards are quite high and when the bottom layer was filled there was an awful lot of empty space above. The shelves come ready assembled and all you need to do is lift them out of the packaging and place them in the cupboard. There is an immediate improvement and much better utilisation of the available space. We are very pleased with the quality of the product, the quick delivery and the fact that more space is now available. We are now considering buying more to better utilise our Kitchen cupboards at home.

    (Posted on 09/03/2013)

    wire add-a-shelf Review by brid

    Love this product - originally purchased 2 now have 6!!! Apart from the obvious extra space they create it's great to be able to see what's in the cupboards without having to move everything else around. Would definately recommend this product to anyone especially if space is tight.

    (Posted on 02/03/2013)

    Review of the Wire Add-A-Shelf Review by Denise

    great space saving idea - recommended if space is tight

    (Posted on 01/03/2013)

    Very Good Review by L Francs

    I have awkward kitchen cupboards, the ones you have to lift up to open. It makes retrieving anything from them very difficult especially as I had to stack things. The add a shelf has made things a lot better. I don't have to struggle any more when I want to get out a bowl or plate.

    Very pleased

    (Posted on 19/02/2013)

    Amazing! Add a Shelf has transformed my kitchen! Review by Laura Summers

    I am in love with these racks. Ordered two and have literally transformed my kitchen! I blogged about them with a picture here for the full low down: http://www.laptopsandlullabies.com/entering-the-unknown/

    (Posted on 23/01/2013)

    Add-a-shelf Review by Claire

    An excellent product that has given me much more room in my kitchen cupboards.

    (Posted on 10/01/2013)

    Review of the Wire Add-A-Shelf Review by Marion

    great product

    (Posted on 09/01/2013)

    Review of the Wire Add-A-Shelf Review by Geri

    this product is brilliant. My cupboards are now organised and it is easier to see what I have in them! It doubles the space!

    (Posted on 05/12/2012)

    Review of the Wire Add-A-Shelf Review by Teresa

    Sturdy and well-made. I keep coming back for more. I now have 6 of these in my kitchen.

    (Posted on 26/10/2012)

    Review of the Wire Add-A-Shelf Review by Veronica

    This is a brilliant product which is a great space saver thus enabling you to get twice as much into a cupboard space. The delivery from Bettaware is also excellent

    (Posted on 21/09/2012)

    Review of the Wire Add-A-Shelf Review by Bushra

    Love this product!
    I bought one initially and I loved it so much that I went and bought another 2 more for my spice cupboard. As an Indian with a gazillion spices, etc, I need space and this created a LOT of space and neatened my cupboards up. Now I can find things without having spice jars toppling over my head and smashing on the floor. Definitely a great way to organise a very full cupboard. It's also created space where there wasn't any before.

    (Posted on 14/06/2012)

    Review of the Wire Add-A-Shelf Review by karen

    really handy at creating space in my busy cupboard not good for packets or tall jars though. Really good product

    (Posted on 07/06/2012)

    Very good product Review by Kym

    Good product, have loads more space for items in the cupboard

    (Posted on 28/03/2012)

    Review of the Wire Add-A-Shelf For Kitchen Cupboards Review by Alejandra

    perfect size, sturdy, and discreet... the perfect product for my shelves' storage challenge.

    (Posted on 27/03/2012)

    Good space maker Review by Anne Clarke

    I have bought 2 of these add-a-shelves and I am very pleased with them, as they have virtually doubled the storage space in 2 of my kitchen cupboards. Highly recommended

    (Posted on 16/02/2012)

    Add a shelf Review by Liz

    certainly sorted my cabinet out, now can actually see cups/mugs

    (Posted on 28/01/2012)

    Tidy cupboards Review by E M

    Handy bit of extra space, tidy cupboards at last would recommend to family and friends

    (Posted on 29/09/2011)