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About Betterware

Betterware has been one of the UK's most successful home shopping companies since 1928. Although we are best known for our extensive Homeware and Housecare cleaning products, our range has grown over the years in response to our customers' needs, and now includes gifts, personal care, mobility and beauty, as well as outdoor and electrical products.

From our humble roots in East London in the 1920's, Betterware has gone from strength to strength and has evolved into the progressive market leading company you see today. Building on the reputation of our core kitchenware and cleaning products, Betterware now offers a wide range of contemporary, creative and problem solving homeware products. It's safe to say that very few people have ever picked up a Betterware catalogue without exclaiming "That's a good idea, I must get one of those!"

With a team of circa 5,000 Distributors, we operate from our office and warehousing complex in the Midlands, handling around 5 million customer orders every year.

As well as operating in the UK and Ireland, our brand also sells to customers on mainland Europe, The Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus and Central America. Customers can order products through our network of Distributors, Territory Sales Agents, by post, over the phone and online.

Betterware is a wholly-owned subsidiary, and "Betterware" is a registered trademark, of Stanley House Distribution Limited. Betterware and Stanley House Distribution Limited are registered in England, Registered Numbers : 7962214 (Betterware Limited) and 7960280 (Stanley House Distribution Limited). Registered Offices : Unit 2 Hurricane Park, Heartlands Parkway, Birmingham, B7 5PJ