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About Betterware

Betterware has been one of the UK's most successful home shopping companies since 1928. Best known for our extensive Homeware and Housecare cleaning products, our range has grown over the years in response to our customers' needs. Betterware now offers a wide range of contemporary, creative and problem solving homeware products including gifts, personal care, mobility and beauty, as well as outdoor and electrical products. It's safe to say that very few people have ever picked up a Betterware catalogue without exclaiming "That's a good idea, I must get one of those!" Our main ‘shop window’ is the Betterware Catalogue and we continue to offer an extraordinary, free, business opportunity to the teams of Distributors who deliver our catalogue to millions of homes across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Betterware's Timeline

‘Betterwear’ is founded

The company is set up in East London making and selling brushes and polishes door to door. The idea had started in America, but there had been nothing like it in England until then, and housewives loved it. They couldn’t resist the goods and free gifts offered by the smartly dressed Betterwear man with his brown suitcase who quickly became a popular figure on the streets of Britain.


Massive growth for the business

In 1934 the company moves to bigger premises in Romford and is at the forefront of technology and ideas. Sales quadruple after the war and many ex-servicemen take advantage of our opportunity. The housewives of Britain are happy to support them by buying the high quality products.

1930 - 1950

Higher earnings for men and women

By the 60’s the percentage of women joining has increased as they take advantage of a new ‘part time’ way of working. The steadily increasing range of products means the traditional suitcase of products is no longer practical for salesmen to carry and is replaced by a folder of photographs (a precursor to the catalogue).


Betterwear becomes Betterware

A new name to reflect an even wider range of modern and award winning product designs and the Betterware catalogue is introduced!


Bigger and better

The company’s expansion continues with a move to the Midlands. New premises in Curdworth, Birmingham are opened by Prime Minister John Major.

1980 - 1990

Betterware goes online

Betterware joins the online community and launches a brand new website to sell to a wider audience, including parts of Europe, while the catalogue remains at the core of the business’s success.


Betterware celebrates 85 years

To mark this milestone the company brings back some of its best loved and most popular products of previous years in a special 85th anniversary catalogue edition.


A new home

We complete a move to our new premises in Hurricane Park, Birmingham. Our vision and values remain the same as they were 85 years ago – to provide problem solving, innovative household products directly to our customers via our fantastic family of independent Distributors, which also provides our teams with an excellent income opportunity.


A new partnership

In October 2015, Betterware became a member of JRJR networks (formerly CVSL), a growing federation of direct selling companies dedicated to the growth and prosperity of direct sales companies worldwide. More info