A Guide to Aggie’s Cleaning Products

Aggie's Cleaning Products“How Clean Is Your House” presenter Aggie Mackenzie has launched a range of probiotic cleaning products to help keep your home clean and germs at bay.  Probiotics work but replacing the bad bacteria with good bacteria.  The good bacteria forms a barrier and lies inactive until bad bacteria forms again, at which time the good bacteria awakens and kills the bad bacteria quickly.  They have been proven to be much more effective than using disinfectants.

Aggie’s Cleaning Products

There are a number of cleaning products in the range, all of which you can view online.

Drain Treatments

Aggies Bathroom Drain Treatment 500mlThere are 3 different types of drain treatments available, kitchen sink, bathroom drain and exterior drain.  Each one works to break down fat and grease and also works to prevent future build ups.  These treatments will also get rid of nasty odours.

Help with the Laundry

It’s important to keep your washing machine clean and fresh.  Germs, limescale and dirt can build up leaving your washing machine smelling bad.  And if your washing machine smells, then chances are your clothes will too.  Aggie’s Washing Machine Freshener utilises the power of probiotics to combat germs and get rid of bad odours.

Sometimes clothes just need an extra boost of freshness without the need to be washed.  Aggie’s Fabric Freshener does just the job.  Just a few sprays and your clothes with smell lovely and fresh.  This is also great for furniture, curtains and bedding.  When you want to add a little freshness to a room without the overwhelming aroma of an air freshener, simply spray onto the fabric for instant freshness.

Aggies Fabric FreshenerShoes and trainers, after time can become a little smelly…!  If you are worried about washing your shoes or don’t have time to then Aggie’s Shoe and Trainer Freshener is perfect.  A quick spray and you’re stinky trainers will smell like new!


We offer two types of floor cleaners within Aggie’s Cleaning Products range, one is for Hard Floors and the other is for home owners who have pets.  Aggie’s Hard Floor Cleaner and Aggie’s Pet Hard Floor Cleaner work in the same way to remove stains and germs and also to leave a brilliant shine and fresh aroma.  The Pet Hard Floor Cleaner is specially designed to combat stains left by your bed and to remove any bad smells they may leave.

Since we introduced Aggie’s Cleaning Products we have heard nothing but positive reviews.  Using probiotic cleaning products in your home is both safer and more effective. Why not give them a try?


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