Point and Paint – Easy To Use Solution

057715As seen on TV!

Will you be using the long Easter weekend to try your hand at a little DIY?  Is the kitchen in need of a  little lift?  Fancy a change in the lounge?  Or could the children’s room do with a lick of paint?

We know only too well that painting and cutting in can take a lot of time, a lot of energy and a steady hand.  So why not give the Point and Paint a go?  It is the solution to cutting in on those tricky corners and edges.

It can hold more paint than a roller and is perfect for painting high walls and ceilings.  It comes with a large painter, mini painter, paint tray, one small and one large pad making it ideal for any paint job.

Point and Paint Refills can also be purchased through Betterware.co.uk

The Point and Paint could help reduce the time you spend painting, so more free time to enjoy the long weekend (hopefully!) in the sunshine!


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