3 of the best Silicone Cake Tins and Cupcake Moulds

Easter is a great time to do a spot of baking – not only is it a great way to amuse the kids while they’re off school, but you can’t beat a home made hot cross bun!

Home baking is more popular than ever right now and we’ve got a great range of silicone bakeware and silicone cupcake accessories to help you bake the perfect cake and I thought I’d take a look at 3 of our most popular cake moulds to see what makes them the current ‘must have’ accessory in the kitchen.

Why use Silicone Cake Tins?

Silicone has been around for years, but it’s only recently started to become popular in the last 18 months or so. Silicone is great in the kitchen due to it’s ability to withstand heat. It’s normally safe up to around 200-240 degrees, making it perfect for oven liners, pan stands, cooking utensils and of course, Cake Moulds.

Cleaning silicone bakeware is much easier too. Silicone bakeware is dishwasher safe, they’re non-stick and most residue simply wipes off. Cakes will come out of silicone cake tins really easily without the need for greaseproof paper, but I’d still recommend coating them with butter or cake release first.

With traditional baking tins, I find they take up a lot of room in cupboards and nearly always fall out when I try and retrieve the one I want, which is nearly always buried at the bottom of the pile. With silicone cake tins, you can fold them away neatly or stuff them all into a plastic container and keep them all together. They weigh next to nothing, take up no space and barely make a sound when you drop them!

Silicone Mini Loaf Pans – Set of 3

Product ID: 63137


These are absolutely perfect for individual sized cakes and are ideal for cakes that will fit in lunchboxes! Each one is about 15cm long and 6cm square. They can be used for baking small bread rolls, and just about every kind of cake you can imagine.

If you’ve got a party or a buffet coming up, why not mix and match your cake styles? Try putting different fillings in the cakes and decorate each one differently!

Deep Square Silicone Cake Tin

Product ID: 62579


This is our best selling Silicone Cake Tin! It’s about 9 inches square and just over 3″ deep – making it perfect for fruitcake and multi-layered sponge cakes (especially chocolate fudge cake!). Once your cake is done, turn it upside down on a wire rack and leave the mould in place for a few short time while the cake cools. After a few minutes the mould will often release itself from the cake, allowing you to simply peel/lift it off.

There are carry handles moulded into it, but to avoid disturbing your cake mixture or distorting your cake, I’d recommend placing it on a metal baking sheet/tray to carry it to/from the oven.

Silicone Cupcake Cases

Product ID: 62569


Cupcakes are extremely popular right now. They’re quick and easy to make and you can have no end of fun decorating them. These colourful silicone cupcake cases are a great alternative to paper cases. They hold the shape of the cupcake better. They’re re-usable, they don’t burn if they’re left in the oven too long and take up less space in your cupboard than a normal metal tray.

If you want to really wow your fellow cake-eaters, take a look at the Cup and Saucer Silicone Cupcake cases and Rose Cupcake Mould, they’re a really quirky and unique way to brighten up any afternoon tea party!

These are just 3 of our most popular silicone cake tins and cupcake moulds – there are loads more on the Betterware site. If you’ve bought one and think it’s the best thing since sliced, erm.. cake let us know in the comments! below!


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