Hot Cross Bun & Butter Pudding

We love Easter! And we love baking! So what better than an extra indulgent twist on the traditional Bread & Butter Pudding this Easter. The perfect excuse to buy hot cross buns. Just imagine how delicious this will smell baking in the kitchen.



Butter to butter buns                             1 Tablespoon Caster Sugar                       2 Large Eggs

250ml Milk                                         6 Hot Cross Buns                                       ½  Teaspoon Vanilla Essence

Optional:                                          75g Choc Chips or extra dried fruit to taste.



Baking Dish                                      Scales                                        Mixing jug

Electric mixer/whisk                   Measuring Spoons                        Sharp Knife

Knife for buttering




Preheat Oven to Gas Mark 3/ 170°C.

Grease a baking dish.

Slice hot cross buns in half (alternatively break into chunks) and butter the pieces. Layer in prepared baking dish.

Optional: Sprinkle chocolate chips or extra dried fruit between layers to taste. 

Place eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla essence into a mixing jug and beat until combined with electric mixer or whisk. Pour mixture over buns.

Cook for 30-35 minutes until set and golden brown.

Once cooked, serve. 

Other Easter ideas we like are pinned on our Baking With Betterware Pinterest board and Ideas We Love For Easter board on Pinterest.

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Top 5 Quick Fix DIY Tools

Like many people you may have an ever growing “to-do” list of home improvements, a list of odd jobs that mount up and feel like they’ll take forever to fix. Lack of time and money are the biggest reasons we put off DIY jobs, but we can help!

Our range of DIY and home improvement tools will help you freshen up and fix those annoying little repairs around your home in no time.

Fix A Drawer

More clothes than drawer space? So what do most of us do? We over fill the drawer until the bottom can take no more and finally it falls out, causing the drawer to no longer slide easily into the cabinet.
Fixing the bottom of a drawer that has broken can be costly. You either have to pay for repairs or buy a completely new cabinet.
We listened to our customers and brought in our Fix a Drawer to help with this problem. Attach to your drawer to support and strengthen the base. It’s also adjustable so you can use it on single or double drawers.

Enamel Pen

Have a spot of enamel that has seen better days? Use this Enamel Pen to restore it to its former glory. The Enamel Pen works fast to hide scratches, marks and chips. It’s really easy to use too; just draw over the affected area and leave to dry. Perfect for a quick touch up!

Instant Seal (5M) - Self Adhesive Sealant

When gaps around the bath, sink or shower allow water to seep in, it can leak down to the floor below. Over time this can cause extensive damage which can mean costly repair bills. The quick and easy to install Instant Seal can have gaps and holes sealed in minutes. All you have to do is make sure the area is clean and dry, unroll the self-adhesive strip and apply. It even works well around corners.

Fake Coal Paint Reviver

Artificial fireplaces can create a warm focal point for your home, however if the imitation coal is dull and lacklustre it can spoil the entire look. Rather than replacing the coal, use our Fake Coal Paint Reviver to restore it to its former glory. You can also use the paint to restore fireplace surrounds, barbecues, fireguards and grills.

Nail Guide

Want to avoid one of the most common DIY injuries? Get a Nail Guide! With the use of a powerful magnet and long handle the nail is held in place making sure your fingers are nowhere near when the hammer hits. Ideal for repairs, hanging frames and even, as one of the review reads, fitting carpets.

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New Home?

Maybe you are moving to your first student house or have just picked up the keys to your new home. Not only is it a necessary to have a few essentials to hand, it can also be a really exciting time to buy some new things to make the house your own. In all that excitement and no doubt a little stress about the move, it is easy to forget some of the basics that you need. You can get everything you need all in one go with Betterware.

Toilet rolls and a Kettle have to be the most important things to unpack when you move in to your new home! Set up your beds and then you are ready to unpack the rest knowing that you have a place to rest when you are exhausted later!

Some of the Essentials:
Don’t forget this essential kitchen drawer item!  The JML Hands-Free Can Opener is the convenient way to open cans safely, as it leaves no sharp edges! Simply attach to the can and push the power switch to let the device get to work.
Every new house needs new tea towels. Try this great value set of Cotton-rich tea towels.
True Utility – Twistick – Fully Functional Key-Ring Corkscrew. The Stainless steel bar passes through the centre of a full size corkscrew helix, to create a beautiful and fully functional personal corkscrew for all wine lovers. Perfect for opening that celebratory bottle in your new home.

Does your new home have spiders in residence? Capture those spiders with the Betta Bug Katcha – the humane insect, bug and spider catcher that will allow you to easily capture creepy crawlies and deposit them quickly outside. And now there is the Big Betta Bug Katcha

Cleaning & Washing:
You will need some cleaning sponges to keep your new pad looking spick and span. Try these Dual-action Microfibre Scourer Sponges. The soft, nylon-textured surface of these microfibre sponges makes them a cleaning force to be reckoned with!
Baking Soda – The original cleaning choice, natural, non-toxic, highly effective cleaner. Removes stale odours, burnt on food and suitable for general household cleaning.  
 Choose your brushes and mops from our great selection.  For those hard floors, the Long-Handled Dustpan and Brush Set is a customer favourite. Couple that with the superb Complete Mop Set to get those floors sparkling.
A new toilet deserves a new toilet brush! Our Green & Clean Toilet Brush Set has a dual purpose brush head for cleaning the bowl and the rim.  
A fresh and funky laundry basket – perfect for your new home, our practical laundry basket is flexible yet strong and pretty too with its green heart design.

The Personal Touch:

From Throws and Cushions to Art and Lighting, there’s lot to choose from.
Choose a scent that makes you feel at home. The Tangerine and Vanilla Room Spray can help to create a calm, balanced and harmonious environment. Perfect for use after those busy days of moving home!
A lovely scent for every room. Make those new rooms your own with our set of Mini Gel Air Fresheners. Great for use is wardrobes and cupboards.
Decorative Wall Art – every new home needs a new piece of art. And what could be more perfect than this traditional wall plaque which shows that home really is where the heart is.  











Make your new home a cosy retreat. Beautiful throws can help to finish your living room or bedroom and are perfect for snuggling under when the nights get colder. We love this gorgeous Animal Print Throw
For more inspiration, see our Ideas for a Better Home Pinterest Board, full of great ideas we like.
Pop over to our Facebook Betterware Page & Facebook Betterware Limited Page or Google+ to see what else is going on at Betterware.

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New Year, New Slimmer and Healthier You?

Moving on through March it could be argued that the New Year has well and truly been and passed. But how are those New Year Resolutions fairing? By March the motivation tends to be dwindling so here are some ideas to keep you on track if you were hoping for a leaner, healthier year.

Keep Moving
We all know that the real key to a healthier body is frequent exercise and eating in moderation. But what can you do if you are finding it hard to keep moving? Try taking the stairs rather than the lift. Consider buying a pedometer so you can track how active you are and challenge yourself to increase your daily steps. The Diet Monitor helps to advise, plan and monitor your lifestyle as you diet. 

Think about how you cook
Not only is it important what you eat, how you prepare and cook food can also play an important part. Try these healthier cooking options. Use the Healthy Baking Mat inside your normal baking tray to raise food and allow fat to drip away. 

Our Roasting Bags can be used to cook foods in their own juices. Place your meat or fish, vegetables and herbs into the bag, seal and pop in the oven. 

Portion Control
A really super simple tip is to replace your normal dinner plate with a side plate. Obviously you won’t be able to fit as much food on your plate but it ill appear full and you may surprise yourself and feel full at the end of the smaller portion. Try the Portion Control Meal Measure to reduce your portions to a healthy size. 

If you use a large plate, you may continue to eat until the plate is clear without considering if you really need to eat it all.

Dish up a smaller portion and stick to it. Use these storage boxes to put leftovers away for another day.

Are you drinking enough?

You could be feeling hungry when in fact you are actually thirsty. Keep a large water bottle to hand or a jug of filter water in the fridge so you can clearly monitor how much you are drinking over the day. The Embossed Glass Water Bottle will not only help you monitor what you drink but looks gorgeous on the desk too. 

Some other tips we have found

Do you enjoy a glass of wine or a pint of beer? Drink at the weekends only. It is easy to get in to the habit of drinking through the week but this can increase your calorie intake immensely.

Eat an apple before every meal – the idea of this is the apple fills you up and you won’t want to over eat at your meal. The Apple Corer and Slicer makes it quick and easy to have a healthy snack to hand. 

Have a treat – Eat what you want but only when you are sure you really really want it. Are you really hungry or are you bored? Could you get up and do something else. Try waiting 30 minutes before giving in to a craving – you may find the craving will pass and you didn’t really need or want it after all.

Find pinned on our Pinterest board

Make yourself a visual weight loss record – put pebbles in a jar, 1 pebble to represent each 1lb of your weight loss goal. As you loose weight, move the lbs (pebbles!), in to another empty jar so you can really see how well you are doing.

Motivational notes and slim photos around the house can help you to remember your goal – on the fridge door seems a popular choice for when you are reaching for something extra to eat!

Chewing gum – chew mint gum or brush your teeth when you get a sweet craving – it works!

Detox? – The Detox Foot Pads contain natural eucalyptus, bamboo wood vinegar and vitamin C, all believed to help promote and support the bodily cleansing process. 

For more ideas for a healthy approach to cooking, eating and exercising, see our Healthier, Leaner, Slimmer Pinterest Page.

Pop over to our Facebook Betterware Page & Facebook Betterware Limited Page or Google+ to see what else is going on at Betterware.


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Spring is on the way…

…along with our new catalogue full of exciting products.

It’s another BIG catalogue with 112 pages and 330 new lines. There are also 170 offers and plenty to get excited about – like the incredible front cover Half Price offer on the Micro Fibre Twist Mop.

‘Go Wild’

With all kinds of celebrities going into the jungle, we’re venturing in ourselves and have introduced a fabulous new colour and pattern for the soft, stiff and angled brooms, as well as the mop set on page 11. One for every area of the house and a bit of jungle fun while you clean.

Fry Up Anyone?
Four times stronger than a normal frying pan and with the same heavyweight steel core as our ceramic pans, the new ‘Ultimate Frying Pan’ is an exciting addition to our range at £24.99 – and also new is the Deep Lidded Frying Pan @ £17.99 – both set to be sizzlers!

In the Bathroom, It’s all a bit fishy!

We’ve extended the popular Dolphin Range and feature just a few of the new products below. From the top left: The Bathroom Toy Tidy Whale @ £4.99, Seabed Bath Panel Stickers @ £5.99 – Fish Mirrors @ £7.99 – Dolphin Shower Hooks @ £7.99 and Blue Fish Toothbrush Holders @ £3.99

More New Products
Staying in the kitchen, there are more new products like the Cheese Keeper, which has a screw-on lid, at £6.99 – a bright new Potato Storage Case with a unique blackout lining @ £7.99 – and looking ahead to better weather there’s a really handy Pop Up Jumbo Food Tent @ £8.99 which will keep those pesky bugs away when dining al fresco!

Making it easier to stay independent
Among the new products making life easier for those who need a bit more help around the home are (from the top left):
Wheelchair Raincoat @ £14.99
Gel Comfort Cushion @ £27.99 Multi Purpose Over Bed Table @ £59.99
Bed Grab Bar and Safety Support @ £54.99

More That’s New in Clothing & Accessories
From top left: Get smart in an instant with the new ‘Instant Tie’ @ £7.99
Ideal to help cover up if there’s a bit too much cleavage on show – Flower Modesty Buttons @ £4.99
With a non-slip sole these Non- Binding Slipper Socks are comfortable and just right for those with poor circulation @ £9.99 – as are the Non- Binding Pop Socks @ £8.99 And if there’s still too much on show ‘up front’ the Large Modesty Panels @ £5.99 will do the job.

Adding To Music and Books
The new, four DVD box set celebrates the best era of British music – the 60’s @ £14.99 – and taking you through a chronological journey of 76 number 1 hits from 1952 – 1958 is the 3 CD UK’s Hit Number Ones collection @ £9.99. A must have book for cat lovers is the hilarious Downton Tabby @ only £4.99!


New in Furniture
There’s so much that’s new, like the Book Caddy @ £79.99 which also serves as a bedside table, the Multi Position Table with Drawer @ £29.99 and both round and rectangle Lace Table
Clothes @ £10.99 and £4.99 – all in the Furniture range.

Pamper time
And for those already thinking of holidays, it’s time to prepare the extremities! Nailfix Toenail Softener @ £9.99 – Nail Revitaliser with Brush @ £12.99 and Angled Nail Clipper @ £3.99 should do the job!

And in Garden Lighting
Looking ahead to lighter evenings when we can enjoy the garden once again there are some great new solar lights, like the set of Mini Solar Stake Lights @ £29.99 – the Solar Lamp Post Wall Light @ £69.99 and the Owl Light @ £29.99

Crammed full of products from the front cover right until the end – there’s even back cover Bargains.
There’s £10 off on the Telescopic Window & Conservatory Cleaner, £6 off on the Path & Patio Brush and £1 off the Digital Doorbell.

Look out for the new products being added to the website shortly!

Pop over to our Facebook Betterware Page & Facebook Betterware Limited Page or Google+ to see what else is going on at Betterware.

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Make Your Mum Feel Special

With Mother’s Day coming this month it is always best to be prepared. No matter how you decide to treat your Mum, it’ll take some thought and planning. Does your mum like to receive flowers? Chocolates? To be wined and dined? Of course you want your Mum to know she is appreciated every day of the year but how can you make her feel extra special this Mothering Sunday? How can Betterware help? We have a great range of gifts that are perfect for Mother’s Day.

Something Homemade

Chocolate Heart Mould

If you fancy being creative and making something yourself, why not try making some heart chocolates? Simply melt her favourite chocolate and pour in to the Silicone Heart Mould. A simple, personal gift.

Or, some handmade Cookies, Made With Love – easy with this cookie stamper.










A thoughtful gift

A gorgeous clock to sit on the shelf to remind your Mum every day how much she is loved?








The Microwave wheat bag – perfect for Mum to cuddle up with on the sofa.












We have some gorgeous pieces of jewellery for your special mum, whether she loves brooches, necklaces or bangles. 









We’ve found some other great ideas we love on Pinterest and are pinned to our Mothering Sunday board.

Remind your Mum how special she is.

Pop over to our Facebook Betterware Page & Facebook Betterware Limited Page or Google+ to see what else is going on at Betterware.

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What can Betterware Offer You? 2015 Conference

Our Opportunity

Betterware is a company with a proud heritage and has been providing an outstanding free business opportunity for our sales teams, and an outstanding service to our customers since 1928.

Over our 85 years in business we’ve changed the lives of many, many thousands of people for the better.

We continue to offer an extraordinary business opportunity and it remains true that no matter who you are and what your business background or skills are, if you work hard and are determined to succeed then there are no limits to how successful you can be running a Betterware business.

Our 2015 Conference for the Betterware Team

2015 Betterware Conference Presentation

Were you a part of our 2015 ‘Betterware’s Got Talent’ Conference? From the comments and reactions on the day and since the conference we can safely say that we delivered on our promise that this one would be like no other. Top class entertainment, surprise cash giveaways, suprise guests and lots of fun, those were the order of the day. If you didn’t manage to join us you missed a wonderful day.

Hosting the day was veteran BBC Radio 2 newsreader and ‘Voice of the Balls’ from the National Lottery, Alan ‘Deadly’ Dedicoat. Surprise guests Ashleigh & Pudsey delighted the audience, 2014 Britain’s Got Talent finalist comedian and impressionist, Jon Clegg not only entertained but was also one of the ‘BGT’ judges for the day. Then came our top of the bill, the extremely talented ‘Jack Pack’, also 2014 Britain’s Got Talent finalists.

Achievement Award Winners

The 2014 Achievement Award winners, our ‘cream of the crop’ received their awards and gifts; and joining them for photographs were Ashleigh and Pudsey!

Betterware’s Got Talent Finalists

The Betterware’s Got Talent Finalists

Every one of our six finalists wowed the audience with their talent and after each performance the ‘BGT Judges’ gave their comments. But soon it was time for the audience to decide who the winners should be and after a reprise clip of each act the voting by text began. The finalists came on stage to be presented with champagne and £100 each and while the votes were being counted Jon Clegg came on to entertain. Then it was time for the results! An ecstatic Jennifer Mahoney, daughter of Distributors Sue & Jim Mahoney was voted into 1st place (winning £1,000), Dean Murrell (£500), nephew of RSE Margaret Cahill came a close 2nd, and in 3rd place was Dan Hatton (£250) who works in head office.

Betterware’s Got Talent Winner

Top Gear Top 10 Find Out What They’ve Won!

One of the conference highlights was the Top Gear Top 10 Lottery, where the Coordinators finishing in the top 10 positions in the 2014 promotion joined Alan on stage as the special lottery machine was brought on. There were 10 balls in the machine with the name of one of the winners on each one. The machine was switched on and Alan did what he does best – he called out the names on the balls!

The Jack Pack Entertain

Bringing the conference to a fabulous finish, the Jack Pack came on stage to wow the audience with a set worthy of Sinatra himself. They received a standing ovation and plenty of enquiries about when their brand new album on the Syco label is going to be released!

Whether you already work with us, want to join us or simply like to shop for great value items from an established company, Betterware has something to offer you. Be a part of something great in 2015.

Why not get in contact to learn more about opportunities with Betterware. For further information about each role and to find out how much extra you could be earning by running your own successful Betterware business please call us on 0121 693 2671 or apply online.

Pop over to our Facebook Betterware Page & Facebook Betterware Limited Page or Google+ to see what else is going on at Betterware.

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A Trio of Challenges – Keeping a great Charity in Mind

Our Regional Sales Executive Suzanne Maloney’s daughter Kerrianne Maloney has set herself a Trio of Challenges to help raise awareness and money for the charity Mind.

Kerrianne has completed the first challenge which was to shave her head. RSE Suzanne Maloney said if she raised £500 she would shave her head too and don’t they look great!

Kerrianne’s second challenge is to run a half marathon. The third challenge will be to do a Sky dive in April.

Kerrianne’s efforts have raised over £1,000 so far. For more information or to donate please see the links below. Good Luck from us all in your 2nd and 3rd challenges and keep us updated on your progress.

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Fantastic Betterware Promotions! Do you want to become a part of the Betterware family?

Looking for a new full time career or a way to top up your current earnings? Not only is Betterware the flexible solution to fitting your work around your lifestyle, there are no catches, it is absolutely free to get started and you can be your own boss! We run great incentives and hold conferences for our workers but you have to be with us to benefit!

We were the featured Business in the Bolton Kia e-Newsletter with our 2015 Betterware National Conference held at the Ricoh Arena, near Coventry which was attended by around 600 of our top sales people. Diane Carwath from Northern Ireland won a fantastic prize, a Kia Sportage as winner of our 2014 promotion. “It was worth every bit of the hard work and effort to win!” she said as she posed for pictures with Andy Barton.

Why not get in contact to learn more about opportunities with Betterware. For further information about each role and to find out how much extra you could be earning by running your own successful Betterware business please call us on 0121 693 2671 or apply online.

Pop over to our Facebook Page or Google+ to see what else is going on at Betterware.


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Foolproof Chocolate Cake – so easy and perfect for any occasion

With Valentines just around the corner, we thought you might like a gift you can make at home – the homemade presents created with love are always the best? You can also get the kids involved in this one!

And, who can resist a Chocolate Cake? Try our recipe below, best of all, you do not need to be a whizz in the kitchen to create this scrummy chocolate cake which has become a firm favourite in our house.


For the cake you will need:

4 Medium Eggs, beaten
200g Self-raising Flour, sieved
225g Unsalted Butter, room temperature
225g Caster Sugar
½ Teaspoon Baking Powder
25g Cocoa Powder
2 tablespoons Milk
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract

For the icing you will need:

450g Icing Sugar
25g Cocoa Powder
90ml Milk
50g Unsalted Butter, room temperature

Any additional decoration you choose.

Scales Salter Scales
Mixing Bowl
Electric mixer or wooden spoon
2 x 22cm/23cm Cake Tins
Grease proof paper
Wire rack
Knife/palette knife
Piping bag and nozzles for decorating if you are feeling creative.


Preheat oven to 200°C (180°C fan) gas mark 6.  Grease and line a 2 cake tins.. Alternatively, grease with margarine, then lightly dust with cocoa powder, tap off excess – we find this actually works better than lining the tray.

Place all of cake ingredients into mixing bowl and mix until combined with electric mixer.
Divide mixture between two cake tins (why not try these and smooth over with a spatula. Pop in to the preheated oven and bake for 20-25 minutes – or until a skewer placed into the centre comes out clean. Leave to cool in the tins for 10 minutes before then gently removing and allowing to cool completely on wire rack. It really is as simple as that!

To make the Icing

Beat all of the icing ingredients together until smooth and combined. Spread a layer of butter cream icing on one of the cakes to sandwich them together. Cover the rest of the cake with icing, smoothing with a spatula. Then it is up to you if you wish to decorate further. We often choose the recipients favourite chocolates and decorate with those.

To make it even more special for Valentines, why not try our Extendable Heart Cake Mould Perfect for making cakes from 12cm to 26cm! Just slide to adjust the size, place on a baking tray and create your masterpiece! (this mixture should make 2 large heart cakes).

This cake is easily adapted to any occasion. Try chocolate glacé icing as an alternative to buttercream.  We have used it for Birthdays, Easter, Valentines, it is so simple and the kids love to help. The same mixture can be used for lovely cupcakes too.

For more great recipes, follow our Baking with Betterware board on Pinterest. As always, we love it when you share, share share with us! Pop over to our Facebook Page or Google+.


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